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Buzz Bingo 21 Foregate Street in Worcester, West Midlands, WR1 1DN

Buzz Bingo 21 Foregate Street in Worcester, West Midlands, WR1 1DN


Gala Bingo Worcester, now rebranded as Buzz Bingo, is a renowned bingo hall located at 21 Foregate Street in Worcester, West Midlands, WR1 1DN. With a rich history and a central location, this bingo hall is a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. Its convenient location and excellent facilities make it an enjoyable venue for a wide range of users, from casual players to seasoned bingo enthusiasts.

History and Background

Gala Bingo Worcester was initially housed in the historic Gaumont Theatre, which opened its doors in 1935. Over the years, the theatre hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry, including The Beatles, Roy Orbison, David Bowie, and Queen. The unique atmosphere and rich history of the former theatre add to the distinct character of this bingo hall.

The Gaumont Theatre was eventually converted into a bingo hall, and Gala Bingo took over the premises. In recent years, the venue has been rebranded as Buzz Bingo, but it still retains its charm and unique atmosphere.

Location and Accessibility

Situated on the main A38, just around the corner from the Odeon Cinema and a short stroll away from Foregate Street train station, Gala Bingo Worcester is very easy to find and access. The location is ideal for those using public transportation, as multiple bus routes also pass through the city center.

Gala Worcester has parking for up to 90 vehicles, which is usually ample enough for its patrons. The site also offers excellent disabled facilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time at the bingo hall.

Nearby Attractions

Worcester is a bustling city that offers plenty of natural beauty and attractions for visitors. The River Severn runs right through the city, creating a focal point for many tourists. Worcester Racecourse is also nearby, providing an alternative form of gambling for those interested.

Additionally, the area surrounding Gala Bingo Worcester is home to many top-class independent shops and restaurants. The city center location makes it easy for patrons to explore the local amenities before or after their visit to the bingo hall.

New Members Offer

Buzz Bingo clubs offer a special promotion for new members, allowing them to play for free. This offer is an excellent incentive for newcomers to try their luck at the bingo hall and experience the unique atmosphere that Gala Bingo Worcester provides.

Facilities and Amenities

Gala Bingo Worcester offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for patrons to enjoy. The venue includes a restaurant that serves affordable and delicious food, as well as a well-stocked bar.

Patrons can also enjoy a variety of arcade and slot machines, providing additional entertainment options. A cash machine is available on the premises, and a smoking shelter is provided outside for the convenience of smokers.

Session Times and Prices

It is essential to contact Gala Bingo Worcester directly to confirm session times and obtain up-to-date prices. However, the general session times are as follows:

  • Morning Session: N/A
  • Afternoon Session: 12:00 pm (Monday to Friday), 12:45 pm (Saturday), N/A (Sunday)
  • Evening Session: 6:50 pm (Monday to Sunday)

These session times may be subject to change, so it is advisable to contact the venue for accurate information.

Reviews and Testimonials

Gala Bingo Worcester has received positive reviews from patrons who have praised the venue's unique atmosphere, friendly staff, and enjoyable gaming experience. The historical background of the building and its convenient location are also frequently mentioned as positive aspects of the bingo hall.

One review of the venue states, "I went here last xmas on a slightly ironic xmas do. There were about ten of us, we all had food and far too much alcohol. The building is an old converted cinema and is huge inside. It was the first time most of us had played bingo, and it really was good fun, not because the game was fun, but because it was so hard. You wouldn't think that crossing off numbers on a piece of paper would be all that hard, but at the speed they read out those numbers, I can assure you it is. By the end of the evening we were all rolling about laughing, much to the annoyance of the regulars. I don't suppose these big old bingo halls will survive the onslaught of internet bingo, so try it soon or miss one of the funniest nights of your life."

Gala Bingo Worcester's Future

While internet bingo has become increasingly popular in recent years, there is still a strong demand for traditional bingo halls like Gala Bingo Worcester. The unique atmosphere and social aspect of playing bingo in person cannot be replicated online, ensuring that venues like Gala Bingo Worcester will continue to thrive.

As Buzz Bingo, the venue looks set to continue providing an enjoyable gaming experience for its patrons while preserving its rich historical background.


Gala Bingo Worcester, now rebranded as Buzz Bingo, is a unique and enjoyable venue for bingo enthusiasts and casual players alike. With its rich history, central location, and excellent facilities, it is no wonder that this bingo hall has become a popular destination for those seeking entertainment in Worcester. Whether you are a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer looking to try your luck, Gala Bingo Worcester is a must-visit venue that offers a memorable experience to all its patrons.

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