Zodiac Supernova

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Zodiac Supernova Slot Game

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Supernova in the zodiac
In Zodiac Supernova, there isn't a lot going on, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it. The same goes for investing your money in it. We've written an in-depth review to help you decide if it's right for you.
Special Features
Zodiac Supernova only has one special feature, so we'll explain it here so you know what you're doing when you press the 'Spin' button:
Reels that explode
There are no Wild symbols or mini-games in Zodiac Supernova, nor are there any major mini-games that you can end up playing as the game progresses. Instead, you'll get to witness the Exploding Reels Feature, which can see you earn more wins than you expected. Unlike other games, this one takes care of everything for you, so you don't even have to do anything.
Once your winnings have been counted, the symbols will 'explode'. New symbols are brought in from the top to replace those that have moved, with all symbols shifting down to replace them. A new winning line will also disappear if a new one is formed, and this will continue until no winning lines remain.
RTP & gameplay
The Return To Player average is probably the best place to start. A 95% rating means that it's decent without being exceptional. If you're wondering what we look for in a game, it's an RTP of at least 98%. You'll find that most Virtue Fusion games come in at about 94%, which is a little bit better than many games that you'll wind up playing if you spend enough time exploring them. Is Return To Player the only factor that determines whether you play a game? You will have to decide based on your own preferences, as some of you feel that the amount of money you get back on your initial stake is more important than the game's playability. While most slot games offer a few wins to keep you interested, some players prefer a game that is genuinely fun to play. Naturally, the next question is whether the game is enjoyable...
There is more debate to be had about what makes a game fun and interesting. You will need a good while to master the Virtue Fusion network, with countless special features and themes linked to films and TV shows.eatures that are linked to some of the characters from the TV show, complete with videos that play when you hit a winning line. Some games are short and sweet, designed to keep you entertained while you wait for a new bingo room to open or take a break from the balls tumbling. Do you think it's fair to compare the two types of games? Since short and sweet games don't try to hold your attention for long-term in the same way that more in-depth games do, should they be judged the same? Except for the Exploding Reels feature, Zodiac Supernova definitely falls into the latter category. As a result, the gameplay is a bit uninspiring, even though the reels spin smoothly and land without any major problems. Simply put, Zodiac Supernova is a bit 'meh'. If you don't hit a winning line, you'll never see the exploding reels feature in action.
Wouldn't it have been more fun to add a bonus round where you have to select a sign of the zodiac and have your horoscope read to you, with different prizes associated with each sign? Of course, we just mentioned that this is a short game, so maybe this is a bit unfair. In terms of the theme, it's really well done. Symbols of the zodiac are scribbled across the top of the reels, which are framed by a Greek arch. Line numbers are located within stars along both sides of the reels, with the overall look of the game only let down by no theming along the bottom of the screen for the spin button, pay table, and other buttons. Symbols in this game are based on the various zodiac signs, as you'd expect from a game with such a theme. Among them are Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, and so on. done well to keep the theme going even with the Q, K and A symbols, which all have stars coming out of them. While the theme might be well done, it isn't really good enough to save what is otherwise a fairly average game. You'll play it, but you'll probably move on pretty quickly. Isn't that exactly what the designers want you to do?

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