Wolf On Win Street

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Wolf On Win Street Slot Game 

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Are you a fan of online casino slots? Well, you won't be wolf whistling for your dinner after playing the lucrative The Wolf on Win Street slot game, which transports you back to a more vibrant, colourful and cash-rich world.

In this exciting game, you'll find yourself on Wall Street in the 1980's amid the big bad wolves of the stock market. As your loyal companion, Wolfie, the game's mascot, will assist you in your quest to rack up fortunes.

Play this retro, movie-inspired slot game and you'll love the rewards even more, so sharpen your claws and join the Wolves and win big.

The Wolf of Win Street is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot game inspired by Wall Street and its infamous reputation. Wolfie, who knows the market intimately, is the best wolf to trust with your money, as he has made himself at home on Win Street.

Be on the lookout for the game's features to help you on your path to riches, including the Wild Stocks feature which will steadily tick along the reels throughout the game. To help you reach the top of Wolfie's Free Spins, there are five fantastic base game modifiers that will have you howling with delight. Check out our guide for the best online slots to see if this game is on the list.

There are many Wall Street-inspired symbols in the game, including a gold Rolex watch, a status symbol that no Wall Street Wolf would be without! As well as Wolfie himself, you'll see symbols like a red telephone, a briefcase loaded with cash, skyscrapers and a taxi cab.

Watch out for Wolfie and the Sky Scrapers, which are wild symbols, and the Red Telephone, which is a scatter symbol, which triggers free spins if you land three of them on the reels.

A slot game like this one is perfect if you love the 80's, love the film The Wolf of Wall Street, and secretly lust after Jordan Belfort's (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) glamorous lifestyle.

With plenty of features and bonuses to discover throughout the game, the retro Wall Street theme is sure to provide plenty of thrills for players. The reels themselves are colourful and vibrant, and the graphics are simple, but enjoyable. You're enjoying Wolf On Win Street, aren't you? The Power Gems would be a great choice!

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