Volcano Eruption Extreme

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Volcano Eruption Extreme Slot Game

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Slot Volcano Eruption Extreme's Theme
Volcano Eruption Extreme slot fits nicely into the nature-themed slots category, with a jungle theme in a remote location with few modern amenities. 
In a place where the volcano rules, there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's best to get out of the way when it's about to erupt! During your adventure, you might encounter some animals, and you will most certainly see some amazing jungle scenery, but don't forget to tread carefully around that volcano! 
Volcano Eruption Extreme Slot: First Impressions
Upon opening the game, you will find a well-designed logo that matches the theme. A volcano is glowing with molten lava, and you will see a dusk setting across mountain tops of a jungle in the opening scene. There are some clouds in the sky high above the clouds. The background is dominated by a large burly volcano with smoke billowing out of it. As you take your chances and look for some big, hot wins from your hiding spot, you may just have a shot at finding safety! 
As the reels fade in from the background, click anywhere on that first screen to move to a brighter screen. It's a nice touch and an indication of what's to come from this highly experienced and considered developer. With all that lava heat, the logo glows at the top of the reels. Five reels and 25 pay lines are ready for you to spin and find a winning combination. Take part in the action and have fun!
Take a look at the options around that big, juicy play button! Despite the temptation to hit play immediately, it is worth taking a look at the controls first. The coins with a plus and minus symbol are the buttons directly above and below the play button. These are the buttons for betting stake up and betting stake down. Your bet can be increased or decreased by clicking these buttons. The stake options will be discussed in more detail later. The menu button is located to the left of the play button. You can access the auto play options in this game by clicking the auto play button on the right. Hit the play button when you're ready to enjoy the action!
Volcano Eruption Extreme Slot Autoplay Options
Players will appreciate the fantastic options for auto spins available on this game, and the graphics and features of the game are cinematic. There are 10 spins, 25 spins, 50 spins, and 100 spins available. Some may choose to click the spin button every time to stay in total control, but the good news is that you can find whatever works best for you on this game.
The Volcano Eruption Extreme slot has further user control buttons
While playing a slot, some players enjoy the sound effects and music theme. Using headphones while playing on a mobile device in a public space may be a good idea. Depending on your preferences, you may even choose to play the game silently while listening to music. Navigate to the speaker symbol on the game and toggle the sound on and off. 
Volcano Eruption Extreme Slot Menu Button
The symbol located just to the left of the big play button gives you access to a variety of information and options. The sound, auto play, and stake options can also be controlled here. With the settings button, you can adjust the quality of the game experience from good to better to best. Various impressions are indicated by stars. You can also move the spin button to either the bottom left or bottom right to enjoy it. Left-handed players will find this particularly useful when playing on mobile devices. Check out the information page within the main menu for more details. To ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the game, we will also share information on these.
The features of Volcano Eruption Extreme slot and the bonus spins it offers 
Starting with the amazing Eruption Feature, we found this to be a really unique online gaming experience within nature themes. Whenever three of the erupting volcano symbols land on the center reel, the reel goes wild! Five respins will be played with the center reel held as a wild when this is activated. Following this, the volcano will erupt and send wild symbols across the reels. There is also the possibility of expanding the wilds to get more wilds on reels 2 and 4, so this could be really hot! You will also receive x125 for hitting three of these symbols while activating the eruption feature. 
The pay symbols in Volcano Eruption Extreme are as follows:
The menu button gives you access to information about these symbols, but let's take this opportunity to learn which symbols will bring home the biggest wins! Up to 500x your stake can be won if you hit five Iguana symbols on your pay line. When five tropical jungle parrot symbols appear on your pay line, you can win up to 250x your stake. It is possible to win up to 200x your stake for five sad-looking monkeys, and 200x for five bunches of fruit. A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 are also lower-value symbols that can pay out up to 150x. The symbols have nice colours that indicate the vibrancy of the jungle and the amazing colours of the jungle creatures!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time