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If you have been loving NetEnt's Twin Spin slot game for a while, and you just can't seem to get enough of it, you're in for a real treat. The new Twin Spin Deluxe slot machine features a unique Cluster Pays format, offering a top prize of 1000x - while still keeping its Twin Reels bonus, which adds excitement to each spin of the reels.
A twin spin deluxe game for your enjoyment
There has been no question that NetEnt's Twin Spin slot has been a huge success, and players have been flocking to this game on the web for many years now. With the introduction of Twin Spin Deluxe, the provider is building on the success of the original game to bring a brand new experience to players. In this brand new slot, you have the opportunity to play the unique and generous Cluster Pays format that provides players with hugely generous winning potential each time they spin the reels. There is also a twin reel feature included in this version of the game, which increases the odds of players taking home a big prize.
This is where it all began...
Several years have passed since the original Twin Spin slot was released, and it has remained a popular slot at casinos across the internet ever since. There are 243 ways to win on this game, which features a vibrant neon theme with 243 ways to win. NetEnt introduced the Twin Reel feature with this title in order to increase the chances of hitting winning combinations by causing two or more reels to spin simultaneously to increase your chances of hitting them.
An even greater level of fun and excitement than the original game
There is a new twist to NetEnt's Twin Spin Deluxe slot, which features the same theme and bonus features as the original Twin Spin slot from NetEnt - but with some new features. As opposed to the previous game that featured 243 Ways to Win format, this game features a Cluster Pays format, instead of the 243 Ways to Win format. It just means that the number of matching symbols on a win line is not used as a determinant of whether or not a player will win; instead, the number of matching symbols in a cluster is used as a determinant of whether or not a player will win.
If there are nine or more matching symbols in a cluster, then the player will be rewarded with a win. Whenever you spin the reels, you'll be able to get payouts ranging from 5x to 10 000x, so you're in for some very generous winning potential every time you do so. You are in luck if you are a fan of this format. Currently, it has become quite popular and is quite new at the same time. There are two Cluster Pays games that have already been released by NetEnt: Aloha Cluster Pays and Shangri La Cluster Pays. The gameplay of both games is fast-paced and offers a generous potential for winning in both games.
Feature of Twin Reels
A major feature of the original Twin Spin game is present in the new Deluxe version of the game as well. It is a feature of Twin Reel slots that allows two reels to spin in sync (showing all of the same symbols at the same time) at the same time. It is possible for the reels to become linked over the course of every spin with up to all 6 reels spinning in unison at the same time. When combined with the Cluster Pays format, the Twin Reel feature offers players a variety of amazing ways to win big, in addition to the Cluster Pays option.
Optimising your website for mobile devices
It is easy to play Twin Spin Deluxe on tablets and smartphones, as well as on personal computers, as it is available on all NetEnt slots. Since the game is a browser-based title, players can access the game instantly without having to download any software in order to play it. Due to the fact that Twin Spin is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, you do not have to worry about it not running on your device.
Playing at these places is a great way to get into the game
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