Time Travel Tigers

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Time Travel Tigers Slot Game

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Volatility & RTP (Payout)
As a result, they help ensure that the game is fair and legitimate and that it has been thoroughly tested and analyzed. However, they also guarantee that every game you play will be as enjoyable as possible. Choosing the right slots game to bet your money on isn't easy because slots games are far from equal.
In the case of Time Travel Tigers (Yggdrasil), RTP is 96.3%, which is very decent. Theoretically, a 100.00 wager would result in 96.30 in winnings, but this does not indicate players' expected returns. It does show that the house has an edge of just 3.7%, and we think that's pretty good. We generally cut off a game once the house edge reaches 5% or higher, but this game looks promising.
A game's volatility is the second factor to consider. Time Travel Tigers has a medium volatility rating, so it's suitable for all types of slots players, whether high-risk or low-risk. So we would expect to see a wide variety of betting options to suit all bankroll sizes. Additionally, the game is likely to produce plenty of low-value wins, although these often don't cover the cost of your stake, so check the paytable carefully. As a result, we can expect Time Travel Tigers to occasionally bring in big wins, which is why high-rollers are attracted to the game.
Here's how to play
When we looked at the Time Travel Tigers playing screen, we saw that our prediction about the number of betting options was accurate. Every player should be able to find a level they are comfortable with since you can bet from 0.05 up to 125.00 per spin.
To achieve success, you must have the following qualities:
In order to win on one of the 25 paylines, you must be able to spin up combinations of three or more matching symbols. In order to help you, the Wild symbol represents a golden mask of a big cat. Due to the fact that the Wild can substitute for all symbols except for the Free Spins Scatter, you have the possibility of forming winning lines whenever it appears on the reels.
A wide range of bonus features and free spins can be found at this casino
There are four bonus rounds in Time Travel Tigers, each of which takes you - and Dr Tigerstein - to a different era, which makes the game so special. As you move from one place to another, Dr Tigerstein gets dressed up in an appropriate outfit for the occasion and he helps you as much as he can by summoning up more Wilds onto the reels in order to help you win.
To win one of the Free Spins Bonus rounds, spin three Free Spins Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to win one of the Free Spins Bonus rounds. Whenever you spin up four Scatter symbols, the number of Free Spins will double, and if you spin up five Scatters, the number of Free Spins will triple.
There is a chance for you to get five Free Spins from prehistoric times, and winnings are subject to a multiplier of 5x if you travel back to the prehistoric era. With every spin of the wheel, Dr Tigerstein will ensure that you receive up to 20 adjacent Wilds that are adjacent to each other.
When you land in Ancient Egypt, you will receive six free spins with a multiplier of four times when you do so. In this version, it is the Diagonal Wilds that can appear on the reels, with strings of up to 20 Wilds appearing on the reels at once.
There will be seven Free Spins when you find yourself in medieval times, in addition to a 3x multiplier and up to 20 Cluster Wilds with every spin you place.
The game will present you with 10 Free Spins and a 2x multiplier, as well as up to 20 random Wilds whenever you land a winning combination.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time