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Time Machine

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Time Machine Slot Game 

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Adventures In Time And Space

Don't Skip The Intro As Ash Gaming Provides Useful Information On How To Play This Slot. Everything Is Rendered In A Clear And Brilliant 2D Style With Plenty Of Sci-Fi Tropes, Including That Big Swirling Void Behind The Reels Straight Out Of A 1950'S B Movie! 

Additionally, The Sound Works Perfectly With The Graphics To Create An Immersive Experience With Sound Effects Updating You On Your Progress.

Spinning Out Of Control

Coin Bets Are Available For All Levels Of Play Here, With Coin Values Ranging From 0.01 To 10 Coins For A Maximum Bet Across All 20 Lines Of 200 Coins.

Project Plutonium

While You May Find Yourself In The Professor's Time Machine, You Won't Get Anywhere Until You Fuel It With Plutonium And Then Take Off Into A Wormhole. 

Every Time You Spin Up Three Or More Plutonium Jars, You'll Fill The Meter At The Side Of The Screen. You'll Be Whisked Away To Your Bonus Time Travel Adventures Once You Land Three Or More Wormholes On The Reels.

Into The Wormhole

In Turn, You'll Visit Five Different Time Zones, Each With A Bonus Game. The Age Of The Dinosaurs Offers Five Eggs, Each Containing A Multiplier From 10x To 30x. As Part Of The Auction Bonus, You Will Also Receive A Relic.

Whether You Come First, Second, Or Third In The Chariot Race, You'll Receive A Prize. Again You’ll Select A Relic For The Final Round. 

You'll Be Shooting Down Battleships In The Third Round, And The Bigger The Ship, The Bigger The Payout. Head To The 60s Psychedelic Spotlight For The Fourth Bonus. Before Picking An Antique, You Will Win A Prize For Every Band Member It Shines On.

Finally, You'll Enter The Bonus Auction Round, Where You'll Sell Your Relics For Anywhere Between Five And Thirty Credits. Whenever You Want To Travel In Time And Space, You Must Refuel And Find A Wormhole!

A Time Travelling Triumph

Time Machine Is A Must Play. Gameplay Is Clever And Unique, Combining An Interesting Quest With Bonus Games.

 It’ll Look Great On Your IOS And Android Mobile And Tablet Too, With Its Bold And Funky Design. Everything About This Slot Makes It Interesting And Appealing From The Way You Need To Fuel Up The Time Machine To The Variety Of Gameplay. You Won’t Care About Your Payouts As You’ll Be Too Busy Time Travelling In This Five-Star Slot!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time