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The Lost Riches of Amazon

Fortune Games® Slots Review of The Lost Riches of Amazon Slot Game 

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The Great Rainforests

Imagine Trekking Through A Humid, Sweltering Amazon Where The Canopy Of Trees Casts Dappled Shadows On The Carpet Of Leaves Below. Rainforests Nearby Groan Under The Weight Of Countless Species, Their Mating Calls Deafening In The Hot, Still Air.

The Rainforest Has Attracted People From All Over The World Ever Since Time Began, Eager To Experience The Vast Spectrum Of Life It Has To Offer. Most People Today Need To Purchase An Expensive Plane Ticket And Buy Top-Of-The-Line Equipment To Even Get Close To The Amazon, And Walking Through The Dense Forests Seems Unattainable...

Things May Finally Be Changing, However. With Foxium's The Lost Riches Of Amazon, Anyone Can Take The Plunge Into The Forests, Without Ever Leaving Their Computer. What’s More, It’s A Gripping, Engaging Game With A Vast Array Of Neat Features.

Fun On A Big Scale

This Game Has A 4x5 Configuration, Making It Larger Than Most Slot Games. The Extra Space Is Packed With Exclusive Symbols (No Generic Playing Card Icons Here), Such As Frogs, Sloths, Ancient Temples, And Much More. With A Minimum Bet Of £0.50 And A Maximum Of £125.00, There Are A Lot Of Possibilities Here.

There Are Wild Symbols, But They Work Differently From Other Slot Games. Getting 12 Wild Symbols Anywhere On Screen Will Generate Big Results For You If You Slide Them Into The Positions Needed. There’s Also A Nice Collection Feature Which Works Alongside The Main Slot Reel. As The Game Progresses, This Slowly Fills Up, And When It Reaches Its Capacity, You'll Receive Bonuses.

Play On The Move

Adventure And Travel Motivated The Amazonian Explorers Of Old, And They Hated Staying At Home. If You’re Of The Same Inclination, But Don’t Want To Leave This Game, There’s No Need To Worry As It Can Be Played On Mobile And Tablet Devices As Well As Desktops.

With An Internet Connection, It Can Be Played Anywhere With An Internet Connection. Besides Offering Captivating Features, Plenty Of Opportunities To Succeed, And A Near-Endless Potential For Fun, The Lost Riches Of Amazon Also Offers Stunning Graphics That Make It As Close As A Browser-Based Slot Game Can Come To Matching The Grandeur Of The Rainforest.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time