The Link

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Link Slots
With The Link, Gamevy has created a futuristic-style slot machine combining colourful symbols and loose space themes. The reels of this slot feature a 3x3 grid of circles, triangles, squares, and crosses along with 8 paylines.
To add to the space-age theme, the reels tumble as symbols appear to float in mid-air with atmospheric music playing in the background.
Taking off into space
It has only 8 paylines, all of which are fixed into position so you have the maximum number of winning chances. By clicking on the plus and minus signs next to the 'bet size' lettering, you can change your bet size. There is a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet of £10 per spin. This is a relatively small betting range that is best suited to mid-rollers. High rollers might find the £10 maximum bet a little restrictive, while lower rollers might be disappointed with the £1 betting requirement.
By clicking and holding the spin symbol on the right of the screen, you can play 25 to 100 spins automatically.
Due to the use of a 3x3 grid instead of the usual 5 reels, The Link is a simple slot machine with a unique approach. Dark blue stars fill the background, while brightly coloured oscillating shapes adorn the symbols.
Purple crosses, green circles, yellow stars, white diamonds, blue squares, and red triangles are included in the symbols. Any symbols in a winning combination will spin in 3D effect when you press the spin button.
This game has the feel of a game of noughts and crosses with symbols such as circles and crosses, as well as winning paylines with lines through them.
A Noughts and Crosses Board with Winning Symbols
When you hit the best combinations while playing The Link, you can expect some excellent payouts. A wild icon and 5 winning symbols are included along with 8 paylines. If you hit a win on more paylines, your payout will be higher. Three symbols on all 8 winning paylines will pay up to 5,000x your bet if you land three white diamonds or three yellow stars. In the game, the yellow star also serves as the wild symbol, which can be substituted for all the other symbols to create more winning combinations. A wild yellow star creates a payout, and all other symbols on that payline turn yellow as well!
Blue squares are the second-best symbol, rewarding up to 4,000x your bet for three symbols on all 8 paylines. Red triangles reward up to 3,000x your bet for three symbols on all 8 paylines. For 3 matching symbols on all 8 paylines, the green circle pays up to 2,000x your bet, and the cross pays up to 1000x your bet.
The game's name comes from the lines drawn across the symbols whenever a winning combination is hit - just as with the classic game of noughts and crosses.
Is there a missing link in atmospheric 3D space fun?
It's a simple slot machine with an interesting style. As the atmospheric music plays throughout each spin, the space theme contributes to giving the game an air of mystery and intrigue.
As far as visuals go, the game is excellent with 3D spinning symbols that reveal all their sides when you hit a winning combination. Moreover, if the win contains a wild symbol, all the other symbols turn yellow to match the wild star.
Wild symbols appear regularly to boost payline wins. However, since the wild star is the only feature in The Link, its entertainment value is quite low, even though it is reminiscent of the well-known noughts and crosses game. While the space theme is evocative, the lack of features may make players feel the game lacks something.

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