Devil's Number

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Devil's Number Slot Game

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RTP (Payout) and volatility for Devils Number

RTP stands for Return To Player and is a measure of how much money you spend spinning the reels of a game to eventually win. A game of this type such as Devils Number has a RTP of 96.06%, which is quite reasonable. However, don't be deceived by the RTP. For every 100.00 spent on wagering, you'd expect to receive back 96.02 in return, but to benefit from this percentage, you'd have to play the game for numerous hours, days, or even weeks. Since RTP is calculated over at least a month, it involves many, many players, some of whom will win big, and others who won't. When you play Devils Number, the house has an edge of just under 4%, so look at the RTP another way - turn it on its head.

Playing a game involves a certain level of risk, which is what volatility refers to. There is no question that Devils Number is a high-risk game, given the high level of volatility it comes with. This game is definitely aimed at high rollers, as even the software developer, Red Tiger Gaming, places the volatility at a five out of five.

When a high volatility game, like Devils Number, goes through long, lean periods without any wins, it might be categorized as "lean". For this reason, players should adopt a methodical approach to wagering, so their bankroll can weather the lean times. Wins can be huge once they start arriving, making all the waiting well worth it. On the other hand, low volatility games represent very low risk, which means that they tend to deliver plenty of wins, although they tend to be smaller amounts. The best of both worlds is combined with medium volatility games, which offer enough big wins to satisfy high-stakes players while offering enough lower-value wins to satisfy low-stakes players.

Although Devils Number may have a high volatility, it can be enjoyed by cautious players as well. It's possible, however, that they would prefer to play the game in demo mode, so they can enjoy all the action without any risk of financial loss.

Devils Number Slots: How To Play

There are 30 fixed paylines on Devils Number, so the player can only choose how much to wager per spin. There's a good range of wagering options, from just 0.10 per spin to a maximum of 40.00, so every player will find a level that suits them. All you need to do is click the Spin button and see where the reels take you. As you'd expect from such a high-volatility game, wins are few and far between, so consider switching the game to Turbo mode, which makes the reels spin lightning fast. When it comes to sticking to the same wager for a while, why not try Autospin? Up to 100 spins can be delivered automatically by the Autoplay feature, with win and loss amounts set to stop the feature early if you want. You can always click or tap on the button again during play to regain manual control of the reels if you change your mind.

Devil's Number Slots: How To Win

In order to win cash, you need to match up at least three symbols across one of the 30 paylines. The symbol must appear on the first reel, furthest to the left on the playing field, with subsequent occurrences occurring on consecutive reels within the payline structure.

The playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A offer the lowest payouts in the game, paying out up to 2x your wager when they appear. The higher-paying symbols are what you're going to want to attract onto the reels. You can win up to 4x your wager if you match five symbols, and 5x your wager if you match five spellbook symbols. For five of a kind, the witch's cauldron pays out up to 6x your wager, but the magical potion, complete with fearsome skulls, pays 12x your bet.

Bonus features and free spins in Devils Number

The number of fans of a slots game without bonus features would probably be low. In an industry where there is so much competition, software developers are constantly upping their game, adding new games and bonus features to keep players engaged, and Red Tiger Gaming is well aware of this. Because of this, they've made sure Devils Number offers plenty of extra features for avid gamers.

In Devils Number, you'll come across two excellent bonuses, both of which appear in the base game and during the Free Spins round, increasing your prize pot remarkably. There are two types of Cascading Reels: Avalanche Reels and Blizzard Reels. New symbols drop down from above, potentially creating even more winning lines, when this occurs randomly, removing the low-paying playing card symbols from the reels.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time