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Deal or No Deal GO All The Way

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Deal or No Deal GO All The Way Slot Game

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Here's how to play

The classic pub fruit-inspired 5-reel 5-line slot Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way has five lines and five reels. As well as the classic Deal or No Deal game, the game has 16 features and a range of cash prizes to be won. Do you have what it takes to go all the way?

Getting Started: Step 1

You can increase or decrease your STAKE amount by clicking the STAKE button. The STAKE options will display a list of available stakes (depending on the operator's configuration and the currency equivalent).

Start your game by clicking 'START'.

Playing the game: Step 2

Start the game by pressing 'START'.

Randomly, the reels will stop spinning.

The combination of symbols appearing on the reels must form a line of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (wins pay adjacent) on one of the win lines. Your winning lines will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account.

Any number collected on the reels increases the trail amount. When you get 8 or more on the trail, you trigger the SUPER BOARD, and when you get 4 or more on the trail you trigger the BONUS.

As a result of triggering the BONUS, you will receive a dapple award, either:

The player receives a reward wherever the Stopper lands on the board.

This boosts the player further along the trail.

Spin to win: The reels spin to reveal a prize.

The top game will be initiated when the SUPER BOARD Trail is triggered. Feature and Cash prizes can be won from here. Win features, cash, or a move around the Trail Bonus Board by gambling on one of the three Hi Lo reels.

Trail Bonus Boards award one of the following:

Feature+: Increases the feature board on the left.

Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.

Free Spin: Awards an additional Free Spin. Winnings are put into the cashpot.

Phone: Collect three or more to Enter the Deal or No Deal Bonus.

Bonus: Awards a Bonus.

Multi Add: Awards features, cash, adds to cashpot or extra telephones.

Box 23: Pick a box to reveal a prize.

Trail Run: Awards features, cash, adds to cashpot or extra telephones by moving around the board.

The features

In total, 16 features are available, all of which can be viewed on the left hand side of the game. As soon as they are collected, the following action will be taken:

The game switches to a big money screen with 10 gold boxes displaying values from 100 to 1000 x Bet. As the boxes close, the values begin to shuffle around. The player is then prompted to select a gold box and win the prize that corresponds with that box.

When the base reels spin to a win, a repeat YES/NO is given. The reels spin again if yes.

THE BIG SHOT - A dapple of the top five values on the cash ladder. To stop the dapple, the player presses start.

This feature awards Cash Knockouts based on a random dapple across the 3 numbers on the Hi Lo Reels. Knockouts will climb the ladder incrementally.

On the cash ladder, all values dapple. Once the dapple has been stopped, the player receives the corresponding prize. YES/NO is repeated, and if yes, another cash value is awarded.

STAR PRIZE - The player picks from 3 blue boxes in order to reveal CLIMB 1, 2, 3 or collect the prize. You will advance up the cash ladder by revealing a climb.

The BIG REDS have a random dapple across the Red DOND values. When the player presses spin, the dapple stops and the prize is awarded.

MONEY MAKER - Player presses spin to stop the Hi Lo Reels. Afterwards, the 3 numbers are added together and paid out (i.e. 1 + 4 + 2 = 7 x bet).

A random dapple across the 3 numbers on the Hi Lo Reels that awards the corresponding number of knockouts.

PLAYER PICKS ONE OUT OF 3 DOND red boxes to reveal a prize.

CRAZY CASH - In this game, the reels spin and the player presses SPIN to stop them. Accordingly, the numbers in view climb the cash ladder by a corresponding number of segments.

A POWER 5 is a series of 5 shots given to climb the cash ladder.

A player picks one of three blue boxes to reveal a prize from the MONEY BOX.

TURBO GAMBLE - A cash ladder gamble up/down.

A random dapple across the blue boxes of DOND. By pressing spin, the player stops the dapple and wins the prize. If you win, you will receive a repeat YES/NO.

In the base game, the reels will spin until there is a Cherry combination that wins.

No deal, no deal

The Deal or No Deal Feature can be activated by collecting three Deal or No Deal telephones while traveling around the Trail Bonus Board. 

If the Deal or No Deal feature is active, the player has the option to enter it or play on with the opportunity to upgrade it. The bottom five paddles are eliminated from play when five telephones are collected, while all blue paddles are eliminated when six telephones are collected.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time