Dazzle Me

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There is nothing more exciting than playing an exciting free slot game from the developers at NetEnt called Dazzle Me. The game may look simple compared with some of the developers' other slots; however, it has five reels and a whopping 76 paylines, all of which can be viewed in the paytable that can be found on the game's screen.

The game also has a range of impressive features, such as Free Spins, Linked Reels, and Dazzling Wild Reels, which, along with its appealing gemstone theme, make it a game that is always a hit with players.

I would like to begin by saying the following:

You can play Dazzle Me absolutely free without having to make a cash deposit; however, you can also place real money bets if you want to make a deposit. You do not have to download anything - you should be able to play the slot immediately in your browser without having to register at all.

A theme based on gemstones

A reel-based slot machine with a gemstone theme, Dazzle Me is a fairly simple looking slot with a reel-based mode and a gemstone theme. In addition to the cool blue sparkly background, the colourful gemstones on the reels also stand out as they are out of focus and contrasted against the cool blue background.

A number of stones can be found on the reels, including rubies, emeralds, topazes, and amethysts. It is very pleasing to the eye to see the bright rainbow of colors that make up the game's retro yellow and white logo, along with the bright and cheerful neon green and yellow graphics.

In addition to the traditional symbols, you will also find a number of traditional symbols on the reels, such as a bold number 7 and a bell.

There are two symbols that symbolize the Free Spins round. One is a blue box and the other is a crystal-clear diamond that represents the Dazzling Wilds Reels that appear randomly during the main game.

By combining retro graphics and a traditional slot game format, NetEnt has certainly shown that it knows what it is doing with this game. We bet that you too will be dazzled by the charm of this slot title! The game Dazzle Me combines traditional elements with modern ones, which results in a game that is both entertaining to play as well as entertaining to look at.

As you spin the reels in this fast-paced and exciting slot machine, you will enjoy pleasant soundtrack music as well as appropriate sound effects as you spin them. In addition to the game's easy-to-read graphics, the player has access to a display panel beneath the reels that offers relevant information and a little bit of encouragement as they spin the reels.

Features of the game

There is one of Dazzle Me's most exciting features, and that is the Dazzling Wild Reels, which can be triggered at any time during gameplay as well as during the gameplay itself. There is a feature that appears over the top of the reels and can overlay reels one through five to create some truly exceptional winning combinations.

With the exception of the Free Spins symbols, the wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except for the free spins symbols. The player will be rewarded with eight free spins if he or she spins 3 or more Free Spin symbols during the game. A combination of four of the symbols will trigger 12 free spins, and a combination of five symbols will trigger 16 free spins.

When the Free Spins rounds are activated, the Linked Reels feature is activated, which means that exactly the same linked reels appear adjacently on reels one to four, which means there are opportunities for some top-end cash prizes to be won during the Free Spins rounds.

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