Cubes 2

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Cubes 2 Slot Game

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The introduction

As an online casino developer, Hacksaw Gaming has only recently made its debut in the industry. However, the company has been taking the online casino world by storm since its launch in 2020. With Cubes 2 being Hacksaw's first sequel to the hit Cubes slot game, the developer has already made a quite a splash among slot players, which has led it to develop its first sequel. As a fan of the original game, there are plenty of things that will be familiar to you; the only difference is that everything is on a much larger scale this time around, which is perfect for fans of the original game.

Choosing a theme and designing the graphics

I was extremely impressed with Hacksaw's original Cubes slot game. The overall design concept was very simple, but the overall aesthetic was extremely eye-catching and engaging. Therefore, we were pleased to find out that Cubes 2 had not changed much in the process of development; the only thing that had changed is that the game has become bigger. It is still the same game with the same looks. However, the reels look much more exciting because there are a more number of cubes on them, making the game look much busier.

Our favorite aspect of this slot is the soundtrack, which we think is one of the best things about it. In the background, there is a lovely, soothing melody playing that really fits the mood of the game, and it is the kind of soundtrack that you don't mind having on repeat while you spin the reels while you play this game.

The RTP and variation for Cubes 2

Almost ninety-three percent of Cubes 2's RTP (return to player) can be attributed to its design. The payout percentage for this game is only a small decrease from the original game's payout percentage of 96.35% - so we are not too concerned about it.

Nevertheless, we are looking at a higher level of volatility this time around. Cubes from Hacksaw is the sequel to the original Cubes slot, which was a medium variance slot, so players will have to be a bit more patient between wins while playing this game.

What It Takes To Win

It is essential for you to land matching symbols in clusters of five or more on the reels in Cubes 2 in order to win. The symbols that appear on the border of the game expand whenever you hit a win in the game. In case that leads to another win, you will expand the reels even more in case that leads to yet another win. The game will continue until the grid size reaches 11x11, at which point the game will be over.

Multipliers for corners

Unlike Cubes 2, Cubes 2 does not have wilds on any of the reels. Corner Multipliers are available in the base game as well. As soon as you hit a win using one of these symbols, the X becomes the number of symbols in the cluster that were involved in the winning combination. As more symbols join the cluster, the number will increase as more symbols join the cluster. After the spin has been completed, that number will be applied as a multiplier to the amount you have won.

Bonuses and Free Spins at Online Casinos

Cubes 2 is a slot game that features a free spin round that is triggered when you hit five consecutive winning combinations that use different colored symbols. If you look at the title of the game, you will see that a letter will light up for every colour with which you have created a winning combination.

You will be asked to choose from a number of blocks before the round begins, to determine which coloured symbols will remain frozen for the duration of the bonus round. It is also possible for you to earn additional free spins by playing the game.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time