Crown Gems

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Crown Gems Slot Game

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Slot machine Crown Gems

Nowadays, slots are becoming more and more complex. Free spins rounds, choose-your-own-prize games, and crazy in-reel features can sometimes appear to have replaced the original concept of slots. Slots come in all shapes and sizes.

An online slot like Crown Gems from Barcrest can help here. This slot features a simple, professional design (involving gems) and focuses on the most important thing, the game-play. No gimmicks are present in this game, and you can even win with consecutive symbols starting from any reel. The possibility of a big win on every spin, and no interruptions for bonus rounds, make this a relaxing slot to play on auto-play.

The design of this game is professional without being overly elaborate. Light makes the gems appear to sparkle without the use of animations, making them look very vivid and vivid. There is a lot of detail in the crown (the top symbol in this game). Other symbols include playing cards, which contrast with the gems because they are 'flat' (in terms of design). With gentle thuds as the reels land, this slot's audio is relaxing computer music. A short pop-like tune will play when you win.

This slot does not feature any bonus games. There is only one remarkable feature worth mentioning: winnings don't have to start on the left. Three consecutive symbols pay anywhere on the reels they land, so you can start wins on the 2nd or 3rd reel.


Crown Gems Setup and Play

For this game, 10 win lines are fixed and cannot be changed. The minimum bet is 10c per line, but you have the option of playing up to $500 per spin. The reels can be kept spinning for up to 50 spins by the standard Barcrest auto-play feature. With no stop-at-feature option, the full 50 will play through every time (although you can manually stop them).

This game's crown is by far the most prominent symbol - as suggested by its name. You can win 5000 coins by getting 5 of them on a win line. You can earn 500 coins with just four crowns (starting on reels 1 or 2). The red gem comes next, worth 500 coins for five and 200 for four, while you get 70 coins for three. There is no difference in value between the blue and green gems. For each of these, you will receive 400 coins for 5, 100 coins for 4, and 50 coins for 3. Symbols of playing cards follow. Even though they are smaller wins, they are still important when it comes to keeping your bankroll ticking over while you are waiting for the bigger wins to appear - if you're lucky.

Casual observers may find it difficult to believe that consecutive symbols from any position can win. This has a significant effect on the number of winning combinations you will hit. Math alone shows that three-of-a-kind wins have a three-fold increased likelihood, and four-of-a-kind wins have a two-fold increased likelihood. As a matter of course, five of a kind will also include the first reel. As a result of this setup, the chance of winning more than one time per spin increases as well.


The Crown Gems - The End

Slot players who like constant interaction will also find plenty of great slots to choose from - Crown Gems is not one of them. Designed for players who enjoy lower-intensity games with occasional windfall potential, this is a simple, solid slot. Aside from the 3 in a row from any position idea, there are no gimmicks, distractions, or complex behaviors. In this way, Crown Gems can be enjoyed as a relaxing session.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time