Cloud Corsairs

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Review of the Cloud Corsairs

Our team had to do some research on the word "corsairs", since we didn't realize it was a synonym for pirate. It is possible that Fantasma chose this somewhat unusual word because it contains the word "air", as the pirates you encounter in Cloud Corsairs are not your ordinary kind of seafarers. Instead, you are taken onboard a zeppelin that is floating through the clouds, towards a mysterious, levitating island city that is in the distance.

The weather can change in an instant when the Lightning Mystery feature triggers, and the reels are filled with captivating characters that can change in an instant. There is a cigar-smoking eye-patched pirate, a cheerful green parrot, a white-beared wizard, and even a steampunk lady who can be seen spinning in the game. During the base game, you can get a lot of zeppelin symbol streaks, with accumulating multipliers, and in the bonus round, you can reach a super mode that can yield payouts up to 7,690 times.


Features of the Cloud Corsairs slot machine

It is a 4 character premium symbol game that pays between 6 and 8 x your stake in the base game, and symbols are arranged from utter left to utter right. There is, however, a bonus round that pays both ways, so you get a pay-both-ways bonus round. On the right-hand side, you can find the Multiplier Reel that comes in a variety of values ranging from 1 to 10 and is highlighted in the center of the screen. The multiplier in the highlighted center position will apply to any wins made on the same spin.

A Zeppelin Respin feature is activated whenever a win is made with the top-tier Zeppelin symbol. The Zeppelin symbols become sticky as soon as you land a new Zeppelin symbol, and the respins continue for as long as you land new Zeppelin symbols. This multiplier is collected and accumulated for each respin (up to x50, at best), and will increase the total payout.

In the base game, you may choose to trigger the Lightning Mystery feature at any given time, which involves placing a random pattern of six symbols of the same type on the grid at random times. In addition, the remaining reels are also stacked with pay symbols (not zeppelins or bonus scatters), and the zeppelins or bonus scatters can be substituted for the pay symbols.

If you land three bonus scatters anywhere in view during the Bonus Round, you will receive 12 free spins. As I mentioned in the intro, during the Bonus Round, you will receive both wins and losses. There is a meter on the left hand side of the screen that collects bonus scatters, and collecting four scatters awards additional spins.

It is also possible to activate another highlighted multiplier reel position above the center position by collecting 9 scatters in total. Collecting nine scatters in total also awards +4 extra spins, and adds another multiplier reel below the center position. If you play Zeppelin Respins, you will receive three combined multipliers, which will either boost your winnings or accumulate each time you play.

As soon as you fill the scatter collect meter by collecting 15 scatters, you are eligible for the Super Free Spins Mode, which starts once the bonus round ends. During the Super Free Spins Mode, you are given 3 sticky zeppelin symbols. In addition, you receive five super spins during which you can only find new zeppelin symbols or blank positions, and the multiplier keeps accumulating. Its maximum value, however, is x50, which will boost your total win over the entire 5-spin zeppelin game.

Cloud Corsairs Slot Experience 

During the 5:31 highlights video, we are triggered with Zeppelin Respins, then we are triggered with the bonus round around the 1-minute mark. The feature continues throughout the rest of the video, so it is safe to say it went on for quite some time. You can watch the feature for yourself by hitting the play button below.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time