Circus Launch

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A review of the Circus Launch game

With Circus Launch, Playtech's first attempt to enter into the world of highly popular burst mechanics, the latest brand to venture into the world of innovative crash-style games, makes them the latest brand to do so. Those of you who are unfamiliar with crash slots know that they offer a simple yet engaging gameplay where players are asked to predict when they should cash out before the multiplier curve crashes before they lose their winnings.

As far as the Circus Launch game is concerned, it follows exactly the same formula as the other games in its niche, but it features an engaging and unorthodox theme, which is in fact a mixture of two different themes all in one, which actually makes it stand out from the rest. It is evident from the name of this game, Circus Launch, that the theme is circus. However, Circus Launch is a space show that takes place somewhere in outer space on an asteroid, as the title implies. Aside from the default theme, Circus Launch has six different skins that can be used all year long, so you can play it no matter what the time of year it is, because the graphics, animations, and sounds of Circus Launch are extremely impressive when compared with other games of the same genre. You can play this slot regardless of the time of year as it has six different skins, in addition to the default theme. Aside from the default theme, this slot comes with skins that celebrate US holidays, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, summer, and football, which will appeal to anyone, regardless of their age.

When it comes to gameplay, Circus Launch doesn't offer much newness to those who are familiar with crash-style games such as Crash, since the game doesn't offer that much newness. In order to score the highest possible score before the rocket explodes in this game, you need to launch an animal astronaut into space in order to earn the highest possible score. In this game, you can choose between five funny characters, including a chicken, a monkey, a pig, a fish, and a panda. As far as the gameplay is concerned, these characters are only there as cosmetics and do not have any effect whatsoever on it.

It is important for you to remember that once you have completed all the preparations, the round can be launched by clicking the launch button. The minimum bet requirement is €0.5, and the maximum bet per round is €500. The multiplier coefficient keeps increasing as soon as the character is fired from the cannon until the rocket explodes, and the multiplier coefficient can reach 5,000 times depending on how you play the game. It is important to remember that the rocket can explode at any moment and stop the game round at any time. In the event that you do not pick up your prize in time, you will lose your bet if you fail to do so.


Summary of the review

The Circus Launch slot is a decent alternative to other slots that also feature crashing mechanics that are very popular with players and are an excellent alternative to other slots with crashing mechanics that are popular with players as well. It isn't surprising that the gameplay isn't very surprising, but the design is flawless, and the wide selection of characters and themes is a plus as well, and the gambler is sure to enjoy playing this game in the long run. In general, Playtech has done an excellent job in this field and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing what the provider has to offer in the future.


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