Christmas Plaza Doublemax

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Christmas Plaza Doublemax Slot Game

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Review of the Christmas Plaza DoubleMax

Throughout the remainder of 2022, the release of Holiday themed games will only increase as we approach the end of a very eventful year. As most developers with any commercial bone in their bodies do, Yggdrasil has decided to jump on the Xmas clone bandwagon and has chosen Raptor Doublemax to be its reskin. There is nothing new about this game, but the graphics have been updated to make it more Holiday-friendly.

It is a bit surprising that the original hasn't really gained as much popularity as we had hoped, but perhaps this Christmas version will remind people of the greatness of the game. During the bonus round, you don't get to see the multiplier reset, which makes the game even better. There's a 20,000x potential, and Christmas Plaza DoubleMax is one to keep an eye on this season. It's a rare treat to have the multiplier doubling action.


Features of the Christmas Plaza DoubleMax slot machine

There are five premium symbols that pay between 2 and 5 x your stake for five of a kind wins, and the Santa hat female is the Wild symbol. She substitutes for all other symbols across the payline to help you complete your winnings, and all winning symbols are automatically removed through the Dropdown feature.

Whenever you win a dropdown, a wild symbol will always appear in that empty position, while other symbols and/or new ones will fall down to fill in any remaining empty spaces. As you keep landing new wins in this game, you will also get a double win multiplier, which will repeat as long as you keep landing new wins. The multiplier does not have an upper limit, and it resets every time you spin the base game.

A bonus round is triggered whenever 3 or 4 Christmas symbols are seen in view, and as a result you get 7 or 10 free spins, respectively. If you get less organically, you can play for up to 13 free spins, but you run the chance of losing the whole feature by doing so. As a result of the fact that scatters do not appear during the bonus round, there are no extra spins or retriggers possible since the doubling win multiplier does not reset. That is the biggest difference between the base game and the bonus round.

It is possible to double your chances of winning the bonus round by activating the Golden Bet feature if you wish. The Bonus Buy option is only available in certain countries and may not be available in the UK, but is available in some jurisdictions. It will cost you 25 % more per spin, which seems like a reasonable price to pay. When it is possible, you can purchase seven free spins for 100x the stake, and you can try for more spins if you wish.


The 200 Spins Christmas Plaza DoubleMax Slot Experience

It takes about 0:32 minutes into the 3:11-minute highlights video for you to be able to see a small base game win or two before the bonus round is introduced. The first attempt we made resulted in a loss, but we tried again and won the bonus round. As we were satisfied with 10 free spins, the bonus round starts at 1:32. Hit the play button below to see for yourself how we fared.


Summary of the review

In Christmas Plaza DoubleMax, Yggdrasil clearly did not put tons of effort into the rather standard Xmas presentation, but it does what it needs to do. While all that is going on, the gameplay beneath it all continues to be razor sharp in an extremely fast-paced and explosive romp that is hard to put down. With the raptor from the original roaring at you with its predator smile, it's almost as if you're waiting for the Xmas skin to be ripped off by claws.

Having the multiplier double per consecutive dropdown win is exciting as ever in other words, and even more so in the bonus round. It is clear that Christmas Plaza DoubleMax is one of the most interesting Christmas releases of the year. With its 20,000x potential, it is a solidly designed concept that will appeal to a lot of people.


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