Christmas Bonanza

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Christmas Bonanza Slot Game

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An introduction

During the Christmas season, it is the best time of the year to let your inner Grinch or Clark Griswold come out - there is no in-between! However, Big Time Gaming did its best to keep the Christmas Bonanza slot as reasonable and as balanced as possible by introducing the Christmas Bonanza slot. That is to say, at least, as reasonable as we can make it sound when we discuss a slot with the word "bonanza" in its title.

A new Christmas themed slot machine, Christmas Bonanza joins the ranks of 2022 Christmas themed slots by offering a quite familiar setting that might appeal to many players. Megaways, along with several other features, might catch your attention as it attempts to join the ranks of Christmas themed slot machines in 2022. However, one has to wonder whether mining is the festive activity that will put you in the right mood, or is this online slot simply a continuation of its predecessor's success?


Graphic Design And Theme

As one of the most recognizable slot machines in the world, Big Time Gaming's Bonanza is probably one of the most well-known, while Christmas Bonanza follows the same recipe step by step, which results in a visually unimpressive game. There's not much difference between the mine, the atmosphere, and the tune except for a few neatly wrapped presents and a few snowflakes scattered about.

I agree that December is the time of the year when we all feel a heavy dose of nostalgia. However, when it comes to brand new games and unorthodox concepts, we are more excited than when we see a simple re-skin with a few new elements thrown in just for good measure.

As a result of keeping the banjo soundtrack in the game, BGT missed the opportunity to make this instalment of the game more festive and alluring. The musical tune is completely unsuitable for this installment of the game, which is unfortunate.


RTP and Variance of the Christmas Bonanza Slot

There are 96% RTP chance that Santa Bonanza will give you a profit, which is the bare minimum you can expect from online slots in order for them to be considered fair. This of course doesn't always go to just one player. However, the game's volatility is very high, so if you're hoping to win any of these Santa Bonanza wins, you'd better put some effort into it. A maximum win of 26,000x the stake is possible in this game.


Playing the game - How To Do It

There is no doubt that playing the Christmas Bonanza slot is a lot easier than working in a mine, so let's see how it's done:

When you click on the green Spin button, the reels will begin to spin.

In order to adjust the stakes, you can use the two pointers.

You have the option of activating up to 100 auto-spins if you wish.

The loss limit should be set.

Decide how much you are willing to win.

Using the blue menu icon, you will be able to access the settings, information, and paytable.


A Guide To Winning

Christmas Bonanza is one of the Megaways casino slots games that has a board that changes with every spin, just like all Megaways slot games. There are a fixed number of reels and a fixed number of rows on all the reels, but the number of rows may change at any point. This means that the number of active ways to win changes as well. As well as Megaways, you will also experience cascades when you win.

There are three symbols of the same kind on adjacent reels, and to land a win, you will have to land three of the same kind on adjacent reels. The purple present is the highest-paying symbol, paying out up to 50 times your stake. The 9 is the lowest-paying symbol, paying out only 0.8 times your stake.

As you can see from the betting limits, there is a range from £0.20 to £40 per spin available for Christmas Bonanza.


Spins for free

It is necessary to find four Scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the Christmas Bonanza Free Spins round. Scatter symbols are golden tiles with letters on them, and when they spell G-O-L-D, the free spins are given.

In the event that you land four tiles on the screen, the game will reward you with 12 free spins. Alternatively, if you land more than four symbols on the screen, you will receive 5 additional free spins for each additional tile. It is also possible to land more free spins in the course of the round.

There are three scatters in the bonus round which promise five free spins on top of that.

If you get four scatter symbols in the bonus round, you will be awarded 10 free spins on top of that

This unlimited multiplier starts at x1 and increases each time you trigger a cascade. If you trigger a cascade for +1, the multiplier will increase by one.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time