Chicken Chase

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Chicken Chase Slot Game

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Review of Chicken Chase

Pragmatic Play releases new poultry themed slots on a regular basis, and Chicken Drop was the latest from them before this one. In most regards, Chicken Chase has a very different layout and it offers a very simple game with low volatility and a maximum win of just 210x your stake. There is no problem staying afloat in the base game however, since the Spin and Hold feature gives you tons of free respins.

If you are not too concerned with potential, and don't care much about winning a 5-oak win, you can get a free respin with held reels with this highly unusual twist. You get plenty of bang for your buck if you don't care so much about the potential. It is also important to note that chicken noises are kept to a minimum, which is appreciated, and the mood-lifting soundtrack will take you on a carefree countryside adventure, along with the chance to win up to 150 times your stake.


Features of the Chicken Chase slot machine

It is worth noting that the low value fruit/vegetable symbols will pay you 5 to 10 times as much for five of a kind wins, whereas the three poultry premium symbols will pay you 30 to 80 times as much. Among the most valuable symbols in the game is the blue Wolf Wild, which awards 200x your stake for five oak wins, as well as stepping in for regular paying symbols to ensure that wins are completed.

Spin and Hold kicks in whenever you land a win less than a five oak win in the base game. When you select the Spin And Hold option, the game will automatically suggest which reels to hold, which reels to respin, but you can also choose to override this feature. As a result of this, you will receive a free respin of those reels that weren't held, and you will receive your payout once the respin is complete.

If you land three or more golden egg bonus scatters anywhere in view, you will trigger the Bonus Feature. It is a very simple instant prize game where you have the chance to pick one of four chickens, which will drop an egg that reveals a random prize in the following categories:

-When 3 scatters triggered the feature you can win 2x, 4x, 12x or 50x your stake.

-When 4 scatters triggered the feature you can win 4x, 8x, 24x or 100x your stake.

-When 5 scatters triggered the feature you can win 6x, 12x, 36x or 150x your stake.

Experience the thrill of 200 spins on the Chicken Chase slot machine

As part of the bonus feature, you'll see exactly one minute of the base game play and plenty of respins before you'll see the egg drop prize. If you click on the play button below, you will be able to see for yourself what prize we got away with when we triggered the feature with a minimum of 3 scatters.


Summary of the review

It seems to us that Chicken Chase is designed for players who are looking for a casual and light-hearted way to pass the time in a fun and easy-going way. By holding down the space button while the turbo is turned on, you will be able to power through plenty of spins while accompanied by a cheerful tune. With a low volatility level, you're always rewarded on a regular basis, and you'll get a free respin pretty much all the time. We'd recommend trusting that the game knows which reels to hold, and we did not see any reason to interfere.

There is no way you can expect anything remotely spectacular when it comes to payouts from a game like this, and not least since the maximum win is only 210 times your stake, you cannot be expecting anything too spectacular when it comes to payouts. The single bonus game is also super simple, but even the largest prize is not enough to crack the potential. A game like Chicken Chase is perfect for unwinding after a hard day, since there isn't much risk involved. In addition, it is a decent warm-up act before you take on more volatile challenges, in order to get your juices flowing.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time