Captain's Treasure

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Slot machine Captain's Treasure

In the minds of most players, slot games are synonymous with adventures, and developers often create new games with a strong universe to reinforce this feeling.

With Captain's Treasure from Playtech, sunken treasures abound and every spin of the reels can lead to big wins and plenty of excitement in an epic gaming universe. Pirates are undeniably cool, so you can bet that this particular slot game will be very popular amongst a large number of people.

You can learn more about Captain's Treasure's design and gameplay, and about what makes it unique, in our full review...


Ahoy, retro slot games

The Captain's Treasure game uses classic design elements to create an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and nostalgic.

The reels are placed within a wooden environment that evokes the hull of a pirate’s ship. The title of the game appears prominently on top of the reels, and the command bar is located below them. A pile of gold coins can be seen in the background to evoke the treasures you will be getting your hands on in the near future.

Captain's Treasure provides a more than decent fantasy world for players thanks to its dynamic pirate soundtrack. Let's take a closer look at the game rules next.


A sea adventure awaits

Most players with some experience with slot machines know that Captain's Treasure follows classic gameplay elements.

This game has three reels with three symbols each, and nine paylines. If you want to win the bonus, you must land specific combinations of symbols on those paylines. Take a look at the bottom command bar to find out how to play the game. Using the Bet One Button, you can increase or decrease the amount of coins you want to bet on the next spin. Keep in mind that a bigger, riskier bet can also result in a larger payout. The Bet Max shortcut lets you go all-in at once, if you are feeling particularly lucky. Otherwise, just hit Spin to begin the game, and watch the reels spin and stop to reveal your winnings.

You can activate the Autoplay button to let the game run on its own, while all consecutive wins will automatically be added to your credit balance.


Epic sea voyage ingredients

Two different groups can be drawn from the ten reel symbols in Captain's Treasure.

These old-school icons were favored by pirates, who were avid gamblers themselves, so they have earned their place on the reels. They will appear frequently, but yield modest payouts.

It's the Ship's Wheel, the Anchor, the Map and the crossed swords that are the most valuable symbols of Captain's Treasure. Combinations as short as two icons start paying small rewards, but as the combinations grow longer, the payouts become more valuable.


Special treats

Adding a little extra excitement to your game with Captain's Treasure is the addition of two extra special symbols.

It is possible for the Captain to appear on the reels, acting as a Wild card. This means he can replace any other symbol on the reels and help you score more winning combinations.

The Treasure icon is the Scatter of the game. A winning combination occurs when two or more Treasures appear on the screen, regardless of its position. In contrast to the vast majority of video slot games, the Wild card can also substitute for the Scatter card in this game. As a result, the Captain icon can add up to the Treasures present on screen to increase the win.


It's all aboard with the captain

The Captain's Treasure slot game is yet another video slot based on a pirate theme. As such, there is not much originality in the game world, but the gameplay is solid.

While Captain's Treasure's bonus features are not as exciting as one might expect, they are certainly more than decent slot games that provide plenty of winning opportunities for players. Pirates are still undeniably cool, even if this Playtech creation isn't exceptional.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time