Build the Bank

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Build the Bank Slot Game

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Build the Bank Review

A lot of online slot players dream of breaking the bank, and who else would give you the opportunity to do that than the 'eccentric' Crazy Tooth Studio. Despite being a relatively “normal” game from this developer, the Mega PileTM bonus round makes it an exciting innovation in itself, and one of the best we've seen yet from this developer. A charming robot construction worker stands by your side throughout the futuristic presentation, and the presentation is both immersive and slick.

As the hovering billboard reads, “Tomorrow's bank of the future today!”, and the 5x5 grid appears in the midst of a busy construction site, which will soon become that bank of the future. There aren't really any features in the base game, but it comes with the trademarked Mega Pile bonus that can be triggered in two different ways. The bonus comes with Bank Prizes ranging from 2,500x to 4,000x your stake, with a possible payout of 4,000 times your stake.


Build the Bank Slot Features

In terms of premium symbols, all 3, 4 and 5 of a kind wins are rewarded with 0.12x your stake, whereas the Any Adjacent Pays system awards 375x the stake for a full screen of the golden helmet symbol. The Scatter symbols can only be landed in the base game, and they will reveal either a cash prize, a special award symbol, a multiplier symbol, or a respin upgrade symbol.

As a result of the scatter symbols, the Mega Pile feature is triggered when three of the scatter symbols are landed on the grid at the same time. This bonus round plays out on a 5x7 grid, and you are awarded three rounds. The Mega Pile feature, however, is activated when you land 3 consecutive rounds of just passive symbols (these are blank symbols that do nothing) and the Mega Pile feature triggered by a Respin Upgrade symbol. You get indefinite rounds of Mega Pile until you reach three consecutive rounds.

During each Mega Pile round, you will receive cash prizes, multipliers, special award symbols, and/or passive symbols. It is possible to generate cash prize symbols in all positions on the same row, column, or adjacent rows after you use the Special Awards symbol. Cash prize symbols and multiplier symbols are dropped to the lowest possible position after each round.

All cash symbols on a row, column, or adjacent symbol will be multiplied by a multiplier symbol, and both symbols will persist until the feature ends, and all cash symbols will be multiplied. There is no way to retrigger the feature, so all cash symbols are multiplied and summed up as the feature ends. The multiplier you get depends on a scatter symbol triggering it, and you cannot retrigger the feature.

There are also bank prizes that can be won during the Mega Pile feature, in addition to regular cash prizes. Bank Prizes are won by filling the bottom rows with cash symbols and/or multipliers, and one bank prize can be won per feature only if the three bottom rows are filled. As you play, you will gradually earn more Bank Prizes, and they will reset once you have won them. The starting value is 25x, 250x, and 2,500x your stake.


The 200 Spins Build the Bank Slot Experience

We manage to pick up a few wins here and there during the base game, before we trigger the Mega Pile feature around the 1-minute mark, and the Mega Pile feature runs for the remainder of the 2-minute highlight video, and you can watch it for yourself by hitting the play button below.


Summary of the review

I have come to expect the unexpected from Crazy Tooth Studio over the last few years, and Build the Bank was both unexpectedly “ordinary” (for me at least) and extraordinary at the same time, both in the sense that it was both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. It has excellent futuristic visuals with fascinating animations, both in the background as well as in the robot construction worker that hovers by your side throughout the entire game. Moreover, with the turbo on, the game pace is quite satisfying as well.

The base game may not deliver all that much in terms of features and winnings, but the Mega Pile feature is both innovative and exciting in its own right. We also noticed that it triggered on a fairly regular basis, which reminded us of Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Jackpot. Often it can be over in a blink of an eye, but on a good day you can win up to 4,000 times your stake. Build the Bank seems to be a game that Crazy Tooth has taken into a whole new level with this release, and Build the Bank is one that is well worth checking out.


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