Bounty Gold

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The introduction

When we play slots, there are a few things we look for: smooth gameplay, exciting base games, and perhaps some thrilling bonus games. There's a re-spins feature where you can unlock whole new reels in Bounty Gold, a 5-reel slot from Pragmatic Play that starts with 25 paylines.


Soundtrack, graphics, and theme

Taking a stroll down main street in search of a golden reward will only be worthwhile if you succeed in collecting it. Across the street from the saloon is the bank, while a dusty street lies underfoot and clouds scuttle overhead. The wind blows a wanted poster past, reminding us that this is a time of outlaws and vigilantes. The reels feature cowboys and cowgirls along with symbols from this iconic era, from hats to horseshoes and wooden card symbols, whilst the background melody is what you would expect from a Western film.


RTP and variance of Bounty Gold

In general, Pragmatic Play slots have a good RTP, and Bounty Gold is no exception. Despite natural deviations, the average is more than solid at 96.50%, which makes slots both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Since the variance is high, it increases the uncertainty, resulting in less frequent wins (but higher ones when they do occur).


Bounty Gold: How To Play

Let's have a duel at high noon:

This layout may seem familiar to you if you've ever played a Pragmatic Play slot. Taking a look at the cluster of buttons at the bottom left corner is a good place to start.

The first button is the settings button. You can adjust the bet and toggle the battery saver (reduce animations) as well as sound effects and ambient music in the settings menu.

There's also a link to your game history where you can see how much you've wagered and won. Knowing your limits and when to step back is always helpful if you want to stick to them.

A second volume adjuster can also be found in the bottom corner of the main screen. It doesn't split effects and music, but it does allow you to slide them louder or softer or just muffle them.

The third and final button here is the info button leading to the paytable, providing you with the most comprehensive overview of the game.

When you don't see a wager option in the settings menu, you can change it by clicking the plus and minus symbols flanking the spin button. With this tool, you can adjust your bets on the basis of coins per line, coin value, and total bets.

Look at your total balance at the bottom of the screen, calculate how much you can afford to lose relative to how much you enjoy risk, and be sensible.

Bounty Gold does not appear to have an autoplay option, which is somewhat unusual. In other words, you must take each spin as it comes, although this does ensure that you stay in control.

It is always a good idea to play responsibly and not chase losses.


Paytable Wins & Bet Sizes

The number of coins per line ranges from 1 to 10. Coin values range from 0.01 to 0.50, which means a minimum total bet of 0.25 and maximum of 125.00.

The paytable is dynamic. That means the values displayed are based on your current bet. You can see potential payouts for matching three, four or five symbols. If you match five, starting on the lowest bet, this is how it pays:

~ J, Q, K, A - 0.50

~ Horseshoe - 0.75

~ Hat - 1.25

~ Cowboy - 1.50

~ Cowgirl - 2.00


Bonus features of Bounty Gold

Now that you know what the regular symbols do, you can probably guess what the wild symbols do. There is one symbol that appears to be very intriguing and potentially valuable. The bag of gold money symbol is shown here. Money Re-spins are triggered by this randomly assigned value, so you need it to trigger them.

There are 4 matrices in total, and the first one requires 6 money symbols. There is a second unlocking at 9 symbols, a third unlocking at 18 symbols, and a fourth unlocking at 26 symbols. Symbols other than money and spaces appear only on these special reels. In addition to the 3 re-spins you start with, you can retrigger the feature by finding yet more money symbols. You'll be awarded the total of all your money symbols, as well as any multipliers you may have.

A 25x fixed jackpot is paid for unlocking the first matrix, 50x for unlocking the second, 500x for unlocking the third, and 5000x for unlocking the fourth matrix. When you find 44 or more money symbols, you will also receive a 5x multiplier.

When you find a random fiery money symbol, you can win a money symbol jackpot without triggering re-spins.


Review of Bounty Gold

It has the imagery that will appeal to Western fans, but the overall narrative (Who's the outlaw? Who's the hero?) is less clear. At first, the money re-spins feature might seem complicated, but if you're lucky enough to trigger it and unlock the matrices (easier said than done), there can be big rewards. Try other games from the same developer, such as Pragmatic Play's Caishens Gold slot.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time