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An introduction

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of this bingo-slot hybrid model or you're completely new to it, this interesting version of Slingo Originals free slots will be a lot of fun for you. Book of Slingo takes players into the ever popular world of the ancient Egyptians, but the familiar visuals are the only thing this slot has in common with other slots adopting this theme.

Buckle up and enjoy the journey as it's gorgeous to look at, jammed with opportunities to earn free mode credits, and generally a whole lot of fun.


Soundtrack & Graphics

There are statues of Egyptian Gods guarding either side of the reels in Book of Slingo's backdrop scene. There is a fire burning in each entrance, perhaps to protect the stone entrance that displays the symbols.

Two-thirds of the screen is taken up by the reels, which are larger than the average video slot. The palm trees around it are bending in surrender as a sandstorm brews.

Since the reels look nothing like standard video slots, you'll see a lot more symbols than usual. Among the icons are three images of Egyptian gods as well as regular icons.


Be on the lookout for:

There is Horus, the falcon-headed man, Sobek, the crocodile-headed man, Anubis, the jackal-headed man, a red and gold book, Eye of Horus, and the usual number/playing card letter low-payers.

Besides that, there are special features marked as wild symbols, super wild symbols, free spin symbols, or X symbols.

The Book of Slingo opens with what sounds like your typical snake charmer tune, which fades in and out as you play.


Slingo's RTP and variance

There is a 96.37% return to player rate and a medium-high variance on this innovative slot machine. An RTP of 95.28 percent applies to subsequent extra spins.


How To Play Slingo: The Book

You'll learn as you play and gain experience, as this isn't like playing a standard slot machine. To help you get started, here is a brief explanation of how things work.

As with Slingos, bingo grids have full lines marked off. A maximum of 11 Slingos can be collected by climbing the Slingo ladder.

The symbols appear on the 5 x 5 grid, and the images generated by reel spins appear in the 5 blank squares underneath. Don't forget to set your fun bet size via the money symbol before you spin, so you can relax and enjoy the action.

During play, you have to make instant decisions about your next move. Sometimes, on-screen prompts appear, but not always. The bonus information section contains more information.

On the left side of the grid, you can see your progress through the game.

Furthermore, the "?" icon provides a useful guide to the sound controls in the game.


Paytable Wins & Bet Sizes

Players should have a decent range of bet sizes to choose from, as that makes the game more accessible. The minimum bet in Book of Slingo is 0.10, and the maximum bet is 100 credits. Between these extremes, there are 8 pre-set levels, so it's fairly flexible.


Data from the paytable

There are some symbols that pay out for 2-5 matches, and others that pay out for 3-5 matches. One exception is the red book scatter, which only awards credits after five matches. (These are fun mode awards.)

You will be paid 50x your wager on 5x red & gold books

The Eye of Horus symbol pays 50x if it appears five times

There is a 20x multiplier for 5 Anubis symbols

The payout for 5x Sobek & Horus symbols is 7.5x

The payout for 5x A & K symbols is 1.5x

The Q, J, & 10 symbols pay 1x each

Bonus features of Book Of Slingo


A bonus for the Red Book

Win some free spins and a random expanding symbol when you land 3+ red book symbols.

When three or more book symbols appear, you will receive 10 free spins and one of nine potential expanders.

There are 4 possible higher-paying expanders when you get 4x book symbols.

There are 20 free spins and an Eye of Horus (higher paying) expander when there are 5x book symbols.


Extra spins can be purchased

Buying in is an optional feature available after every win. In the centre of the spin circle, you can see the cost for playing, which depends on the potential winnings.

When the wild appears on your spin images, you can mark off any number from the column directly above it.


Free Spins - this symbol gives you an additional turn.

On any square, a super wild will award a strike.

Blocking is indicated by the red X.


Slingo Book Review

It can take a few spins to figure out how to play this slot since it is a bit complicated. Free play slots like Book of Slingo are popular. Always check the site for help setting safe boundaries.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time