Blazing Clusters

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Blazing Clusters Slot Game

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A brief introduction

In terms of online slots, Blazing Clusters isn't exactly what you would expect from Red Tiger Gaming. The seven reels across seven rows make that clear even before they catch fire. As soon as you collect an adjacent cluster of matching symbols, they catch fire. There are no regular paylines, but there are lots of bonus features, including cascading symbols and free spins. The Blazing Clusters slot review can be found here.


Soundtrack, graphics, and theme

Blazing Clusters tells you it's 'blazing', so you expect some fire, and the orange flames rising against the otherwise unremarkable purple background are definitely the most dramatic part of this slot. This isn't fire as part of a more complex theme, like in Fire in the Hole, but an exciting addition to what is otherwise a classic fruit machine. It's a fruit machine with 7 reels, not something you usually see online.

Even looking at this slot before you start playing, or listening to the slightly generic music, won't prepare you for what the reels will look like once you've won. There will be a lot of fire in the future.


Cluster RTP and Variance in Blazing Clusters

Online casinos don't always have a fixed RTP, as you will find if you go from one to another. It depends on where you play or what settings you choose, but some slots will have a variable RTP. Based on the base game, Blazing Clusters has a maximum RTP of 95.72%, but it can be lower.

Playing Blazing Clusters

Here's how we'll set this slot ablaze:

Despite the unusual layout, the basics remain the same. The goal of most online slots is to spin the reels and hope they fall into a winning combination. Take a look at the rest of the game before you proceed.

Check out the paytable and help pages, both linked in the bottom left corner, to get a better understanding of the game.

You should also adjust your bet to reflect your budget and limits. Whether you are playing for free or for real money, these are essential for responsible gameplay. Add and subtract with pluses and minuses.

A sound icon and a full screen symbol can also be found in the top right corner.

By pressing the spacebar or clicking spin, you can spin. As there is no autoplay, each turn is taken individually. Playing should be fun, which means keeping the game in check.


Never chase losses and take regular breaks.


Sizes of bets and wins

With the bet adjustor, you can set your bet from 0.20 to 80.00, which is reasonable but not enormous in terms of online slots.

When five or more identical symbols appear in a cluster, the combination is winning. There are 30 matching symbols that pay the most on the paytable:

-Cherries - 2

-Lime - 2.5

-Orange - 3

-Plum - 3.5

-Watermelon - 4

-Horseshoe - 15

-Bell - 20

-Diamond - 30

-7 - 50


Bonus Features of Blazing Clusters

If you sign up at an online casino, you may receive an online casino bonus, but Blazing Clusters has its own features:


Reaction chain

A cascading symbol or an avalanche feature is another name for this. Whenever a cluster wins, its symbols disappear from the reels and new symbols tumble into place, increasing the chances of a winning combination.


Rush into the wild

During this feature, extra wilds fall randomly onto the reels. It is possible that some of them may even be super wilds, taking up 2x2 or 3x3 spaces instead of filling only one slot.


Spins for free

It comes as no surprise that the free spins symbol triggers this feature. Find it three times to trigger 8 free spins, plus two more for each additional scatter and one more for each scatter found during the round. It's more likely that you'll get a wild rush during a free spin, which also triggers the Blazing Multiplier feature.


Multiplier blazing

During free spins, these appear above the reels and apply to all wins. There is a possibility of more multipliers falling on the reels. A multiplier of x20 is the maximum possible.


Review of Blazing Clusters

They aren't lying when they say this slot is blazing. It's inherently dramatic thanks to its burning fire, but it's also helped by cascading symbols, wilds, and multipliers that rain during free spins. Even though Blazing Clusters has a fruit machine theme, it is not your typical game.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time