Basketball Star

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Review of Basketball Star
Are you imagining yourself as the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James in the NBA? Then you should check out Basketball Star and start spinning the reels on the court to win some cash.
Using the amazing graphics in the game, you will feel like you are really shooting hoops while you match the in-game symbols in order to win.
Honesty and frankness
In this exciting free game, you will be able to try and get a Slam Dunk using your Converse sneakers. The game is designed by none other than Microgaming, and it is a sports-themed slot that features five reels along with free spins, a multiplier trail and Rolling Reels, along with the possibility of earning a Slam Dunk and reaching for the skies with a big money payout if you are lucky enough to score.
Throughout the game, you will see all sorts of symbols that are related to basketball, from trainers and medals to a drink holder and a tactic board that you need to match if you want to win the game. Along the way, you will also have to match a player who is dribbling the ball, a player who is guarding the ball, a player who is setting up the slam dunk, and eventually the big one - the slam dunk itself.
There are those of you out there who would not like to put on their Nikes and head out onto the court, but Basketball Star is the next best option for those of you who don't want to do that. You can get paid to play basketball online without ever having to leave your home. In our opinion, this video slot game is suitable for both experienced and novice slot gamers - once you start playing it, you will quickly find yourself hooked on the game, aiming for a slam dunk while the crowd cheers you on.
The basketball court in the background of the reels adds to the special effects of the game, and you can soon feel like a superstar, enjoying all the fun of the game without having to put in all the hard work.
Tablets and mobile devices
 On your mobile device, you can now feel like a real basketball star by playing this free game at any time of the day - whether you are on your daily commute to work, shopping or just relaxing on the sofa.
It is possible to play Basketball Star right from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, so you can get involved in the action wherever you are. Regardless of how you decide to play, make sure you are prepared to be stuck in the middle of this exciting slot game as the action is non-stop and never-ending.
Keep an eye out for the Wild Shot feature, which offers a guaranteed win by turning up two random reels at random when you trigger your free spins. The ball is back in your court, so take your chance and see if you can win one of the 243 different ways to win in this five-reel slot game - and if Basketball Star doesn't get you dribbling (pun intended), take a look at some of our many other free slots games.

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