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Archangels: Salvation

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Introduction to Archangels: Salvation Slot Game

Archangels: Salvation is a video slot game developed by NetEnt, a leading provider of gaming solutions. This game has a unique theme that revolves around the eternal battle between good and evil, with two archangels, one representing heaven and the other representing hell, as the main characters.

The game is played on a 6x12 grid, which is quite unusual for a slot game. It also features 100 paylines, which means there are plenty of ways to win. The graphics and animations are top-notch, and the soundtrack adds to the overall immersive experience.

The Story Behind Archangels: Salvation

The story behind Archangels: Salvation is quite intriguing. It is set in a mythical world where the forces of good and evil are constantly at war. The archangel representing heaven is called the Guardian, while the archangel representing hell is called the Demon.

The game begins with the Demon unleashing his army of minions on the world, and the Guardian stepping in to defend it. As you play the game, you will see the two archangels battling it out, and you will have the chance to help the Guardian win the war.

How to Play Archangels: Salvation

Playing Archangels: Salvation is straightforward. The first thing you need to do is choose your bet level and coin value. Then, click on the spin button to start the game.

To win, you need to land three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. The higher the value of the symbol, the bigger your payout will be. There are also two special symbols to look out for, the wild and the scatter, which can help you win even more.

Archangels: Salvation Symbols and Paytable

The symbols in Archangels: Salvation are divided into two categories, high-value symbols and low-value symbols. The high-value symbols are represented by characters from the game, including the Guardian and the Demon, as well as their weapons and artifacts. The low-value symbols are represented by playing card suits.

The paytable shows the value of each symbol and how much you can win for landing a certain number of matching symbols. The highest-paying symbol is the Guardian, which can pay up to 150 coins for landing six of them on a payline.

Special Features of Archangels: Salvation - Heaven Feature and Hell Feature

Archangels: Salvation has two special features that can be triggered during gameplay, the Heaven Feature and the Hell Feature. These features are activated when a 2x2 wild symbol lands either fully or partially on the reels.

The Heaven Feature is triggered when the 2x2 wild symbol lands on the top three rows of the reels. This feature adds two stacks of wild symbols to the reels, increasing your chances of winning.

The Hell Feature is triggered when the 2x2 wild symbol lands on the bottom three rows of the reels. This feature adds eight or sixteen single wild symbols to the reels, depending on whether the wild symbol landed fully or partially.

Archangels: Salvation RTP and Volatility

The RTP (return to player) of Archangels: Salvation is 96.08%, which is quite decent. This means that, on average, you can expect to get back 96.08 cents for every dollar you wager.

The volatility of the game is medium to high, which means that the payouts may not be as frequent as in some other games, but when they do come, they can be quite significant.

Tips to Win in Archangels: Salvation

To Win in Archangels: Salvation, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, make sure to take advantage of the special features, especially the Heaven Feature and the Hell Feature. These can significantly increase your chances of winning big.

Second, manage your bankroll wisely. Make sure to set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Don't chase losses or bet more than you can afford.

Third, play at a reputable online casino that offers fair games and reliable payouts. Look for casinos that are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities.

Where to Play Archangels: Salvation

Archangels: Salvation can be played at many online casinos that offer NetEnt games. Some of the best online casinos to play this game at include:

  • Fortune Games¬†
  • Betway Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • LeoVegas Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Dunder Casino

Archangels: Salvation Mobile Compatibility

If you prefer playing slot games on your mobile device, you will be happy to know that Archangels: Salvation is fully mobile compatible. You can play this game on your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you use an iOS or Android device.

Conclusion - Why Archangels: Salvation is a Must-Try Slot Game

In conclusion, Archangels: Salvation is a must-try slot game for anyone who enjoys immersive themes, top-notch graphics, and exciting gameplay. With its unique story, special features, and decent RTP, this game has everything you need to have an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. So, head over to your favorite online casino and give Archangels: Salvation a spin. You won't be disappointed!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time