Alexandria City of Fortune

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Alexandria City of Fortune Slot Game

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In the ancient city of Alexandria, there are many symbols of fortune
Aside from the traditional card suit symbols, you will also find premium symbols such as coins, Cleopatra, and Alexander the Great on the reels of this slot game. It is the Alexandria: City of Fortune symbol that has the highest payout, as it can award you up to 2x the amount you have wagered. As the game's wild symbol, the ship symbol can be substituted for all other symbols in Alexandria: City of Fortune, with the exception of the scroll symbol, which is the key to entering the game's bonus features.
There is a bonus feature called Reel Modifiers in this game
A lighthouse can shine its rays onto the reels at any time, which can offer a modifier to the reels on any spin. In this game, you will be able to see mystery symbols that will be added to the reel set to give you another chance to win, wild symbols will be applied to the reels or, if you are really lucky, symbols will explode and be replaced by clusters of mystery symbols.
A free spins bonus feature is available in the game
It is possible for the scatter symbol associated with the free spins to appear stacked on the reels, so you can get up to 20 scatter symbols on the reels at the same time. At the start of the game, you will be able to get up to 25 bonus spins, and there are also plenty of chances for you to retrigger the feature. You will be able to spin for free and all your wins are subjected to a 2x multiplier while you are doing so.
The Developer of Alexandria City of Fortune - Leander Games is the company behind this game.
As far as PayPal slots go, Leander Games does a better job than any other developer at creating historical and character-filled PayPal slots. We have a great selection of their historically immersive titles available for you to play right here on Dove Casino, but they are not just a one-trick pony, they offer something for everyone in their portfolio of 80 titles.
Review of the Alexandria City of Fortune slot machine
Those who are fans of history will be delighted to see how our Alexandria City of Fortune slot review covers one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As you can see, the Leander Games slot is based on the tower that stood in the harbor of Alexandria, and the presence of this landmark proves to be a highlight of the game, which is perfect for big wins.
Located in the middle of the five reels of the Alexandria City of Fortune online slot, it shines its light across the game to trigger bonus features as it looms large above the reels. Symbol explosions, mystery symbols, and extra wilds are able to contribute to additional prize-winning combinations on the reels. There is also the possibility that the tower will light the way to free spins with wild multipliers when it appears.
You can claim prizes when three or more matching symbols appear on adjacent reels from the left side, claiming 1,024 different ways to win. You can expect to win some thrilling payouts when you combine this pay mechanism with the multiple bonus features.
You're ready to take a trip back in time, aren't you? Before playing Alexandria City of Fortune at one of our favorite online casino sites, make sure you read the rest of our review of the game.
It's time to enjoy an Egyptian game with a twist
Those of you who have ever played casino games will be aware that Egyptian-themed slots are extremely popular and about as common as sand in a desert, so it's not surprising that they're so popular. Our Alexandria City of Fortune slot reviewers have some good news to share with you before you roll your eyes at yet another game filled with pyramids, scarab beetles, and dog-headed gods.
As the action moves away from the pyramids to the coast, none of these overused symbols appear. Alexandria City of Fortune features the famous tower alongside playing card suits, gold coins, a pharaoh, and Queen Cleopatra. There are still pharaohs and Cleopatra, but they are the exceptions.
Alexandria City of Fortune is a fun and colorful online slot game that uses a cartoon style rather than the highly-detailed graphics that are found in so many similar games. There is a sense of brightness and cheerfulness throughout, even though the tower itself is still an impressive sight. As the tower sticks to historical pictures of the actual thing, which stood around 330ft tall for 1,500 years, it adheres to a picture of the real thing.

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