Fortune Games® Slots Review of Alchymedes Slot Game

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The alchymedes
A Yggdrasil-powered slot is based on the tradition of alchemy, a protoscientific tradition that can be traced back to the Hellenistic period of Egypt, one of the earliest known scientific traditions. The game features a mysterious theme, and there are a number of strange potions, runes, and lab equipment littering the reels of the game, giving the game a fascinating appearance. As far as the overall design of the game is concerned, it's quite impressive with its interactive animations and sleek graphics. 
In Alchymedes, you will find 30 fixed paylines that pay both ways, providing you with a greater chance of winning and providing you with greater winning opportunities. It is possible for players to wager between 30p and £60, which should appeal to both high rollers and penny slot players.
Take your game to the next level!
There is a unique mechanic in Alychymedes that allows you to level up as you progress through the game. Whenever you hit a winning combination on a different payline, it will be highlighted in gold every time you hit a winning combination. In order to level up, you must light up all 20 lines on the screen. The Alchemist's Scale will appear every time you level up in the game. Then you will have the choice to decide if you want to add more multiplier potions to the reels or if you want to add more wild potions to the reels. Hence, when you make such a wager, you will get a multiplier or more wilds added every time you do so, which means you will have a permanent increase in your payouts or your winning potential.
A bonus feature has been added to the site
Each time you reach a new level, you will be able to randomly trigger the bonus feature. You will be awarded one of the six bonus features listed below:
-A prize worth between 200 and 1000 coins
-X2 starting multiplier
-X3 starting multiplier
-An extra multiplier added you reach a new level
-1 extra pattern potion
-2 extra pattern potion
Wild Patterns
Every time you level up, a new wild pattern is assigned. Any wilds that land within the pattern will spread across the reels according to the pattern. This is a fantastic additional bonus feature, providing you with the chance to increase your odds of hitting big prizes and enhancing your volatility.
Optimising your website for mobile devices
It is possible to play Yggdrasil's Alchymedes via both mobile devices and desktop devices. As the game is optimized for play across various screen sizes, you can play it from virtually anywhere and enjoy the same great graphics and gameplay that you can expect from this online slot.
The game's rules are as follows:
If you were to boot up the slot and see the paylines at first glance, you would be fooled into thinking it has 30 paylines. In fact, we were too, until we read the fine print, which says that Alchymedes is capable of accepting wins both left to right and right to left, effectively doubling the number of winning combinations that you could potentially accomplish with a little luck.
The magical depths that Yggdrasil has to offer have yet to be explored with this title and there is still so much more to discover. A few years ago, the developer decided that Scatter symbols were a bit old fashioned, so he threw them out of the game along with free spins and bonus games. The game instead relies on spreading Wilds and completing levels to ensure that you are able to win absolutely massive amounts of money at the end of each level.
In spite of the numerous steps that Alchymedes has taken, we can't excuse them on the fact that their Autoplay feature is suffering due to the desire to keep the interface as clean as possible. It would be better to go to the options menu, instead of just clicking on the Autoplay button, which should offer at least a shortcut to where the player can adjust the settings for win, loss, and single win limits, in order to set these limits.

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