Fortune Games® Slots Review of 7-UP Slot Game

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A brief introduction
The 7 Bonus Up online slot game from Endorphina has an old school style. Playing this game is easy thanks to its three-reel, three-row grid. You can choose up to five paylines when playing 7 Bonus Up.
You'll want to look out for the lucky 7 symbol on the reels, as this is your key to winning the top prize. In the event that you land 9 of a kind on the reels, you should hang on to your hat as you will have the chance to win big. The multiplier bonus will give you 7 chances to select a multiplier, with bonus prizes too.
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Although Cash Volt is not a three-reel slot, it is similar to 7 Bonus Up in its old school style. The game has 20 win lines and the maximum payout is 2500x the stake.
Soundtrack, graphics, and theme
The game 7 Bonus Up is not a highly conceptual game, it's a good old-fashioned online slot machine. Neither wilds nor scatters are present to make the gameplay more interesting.
In spite of its lack of story, this game makes up for it with its stunning visuals. I love the stylized and beautiful renderings of the fruit symbols. Although at a glance the peaches and lemons may seem similar if you struggle with colours, most symbols look very different.
With sound effects and jingles piped over the top, the music is a fairly simple wash of background noise. Playing the game, you won't be bothered by the sounds, but they aren't irritating either. Only mute/unmute is available as a sound control.
RTP And Variance Of The 7 Bonus Up Slot
A long-term average RTP for 7 Bonus Up is 96.00%, which is about average for games of this type. Medium volatility ensures a balanced gameplay experience, but big wins still require patience.
The 7 Bonus Up Game: How To Play
When you open a new game for the first time, you should always review the paytable first. There are all sorts of information about the game rules in the paytable, including how bonus features work and what winning combinations you can match. You can access the paytable by clicking on the 'i' icon in the upper right corner of 7 Bonus Up.
Click on the 'coin value', 'bet', and 'lines' buttons on the bottom left of the screen to set your bet. Upon reaching the highest option, each click rotates through the lowest to highest options.
You can speed up the reels by clicking the turbo button at the bottom right.
Click the spin button in the bottom right-hand corner of the reels to spin the reels once.
7 Bonus Up has an autoplay feature that spins the reels continuously until you stop it. In the bottom right corner of the reels, there is an autoplay button that can be clicked to activate and stop it.
Setting a realistic budget for each play session and sticking to it will help you play 7 Bonus Up responsibly. Stop when the fun stops.
Paytable Wins & Bet Sizes
A spin in 7 Bonus Up requires a minimum bet of 0.01, which is achieved by setting a single payline, the coin value, and the bet size to 0.01.
When all 5 paylines are activated, the coin value is set to 1.00, then the bet level is set to the maximum of 50.00, the biggest total bet is 50.00.
If 3 of the 7 symbols are matched on an active payline, 777x the line bet is won
A win of 200x the line bet is returned if three stars appear on an active payline
An active payline that matches 3 bar symbols returns 77x the line bet.
If you match 3x the watermelon on an active payline, you will receive 50x the line bet
On an active payline, matching 3x the other symbols returns between 40x and 20x the line bet
There are seven bonus features in Bonus Up
Bonus features are triggered when nine of a kind are matched on the reels. You can select a multiplier up to 7x your original win for a 9 of a kind win.
You have seven chances to spin the prize roulette. You are awarded your bonus prize pot following the bonus if you choose a non-multiplier. Either you hit a multiplier or you use up all 7 spins.
In addition to winning spins, you can also gamble with your winnings. During this gamble, you are dealt four cards and have to beat the dealer's card. You could gamble your winnings up to 10 times if your nerve and luck hold. In the event that a dealer is dealt something that appears impossible to beat, you may pull out of the risk gamble at any time.
Bonus Up Review: Here's what we think
With a great look, lucrative multipliers and a gamble bonus, you can double your winnings up to 10x if your luck and nerve hold out in this old-fashioned online slot.
*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.