1942 Sky Warrior

Fortune Games® Slots Review of 1942 Sky Warrior Slot Game 


1942 Sky Warrior: Slot Overview

Developer Red Tiger takes to the skies with 1942 Sky Warrior, a world war 2 themed game. As the Allies began to turn the tables on the Axis in 1942, crucial battles were won and lost on both sides.

Among other things, the Soviets encircled Stalingrad; the US won the battle of Midway; Singapore fell to the Japanese; and Thailand, a puppet state of Japan, declared war on a few key allies. In spite of the wild modifiers and free spins it unleashes, 1942 Sky Warrior lacks the ultimate payout potential when it comes to payouts.

It might have made a good recruitment tool if 1942 Sky Warrior had been released during the war. In Red Tiger, the romance of soaring above the clouds in a flying machine, flinging bullets at the enemy, winning medals, and wearing a slick uniform is captured.

For free spins, the background image changes to a blazing orangey-yellow image, making the visuals rather exhilarating.

The maximum bet in a Red Tiger game often provides a clue as to what potential is available. Playable on any device, the game can be played from 10 cents to £/€100 per spin.

As you'll see below, this lifehack works like a charm. The game area consists of 5 reels, each holding 4 symbols and crisscrossed by 30 paylines. Three to five matching symbols must land on the first reel in order to win, contributing to a default RTP of 95.68%.

There are three types of symbols: low pays, high pays, and upgraded high pays. In lows, you'll find medal-like 9-A royals worth 0.4 to 1.5x the bet, while in highs, you'll find five pilots. With the upgraded premiums, landing five high pays will get you 1.8 to 6 times your stake, up to 4 to 20 times the stake. The next section explains how to do so.

1942 Sky Warrior: Slot Features

'Bring Your Ace Game' is the tagline for the event. In order to accomplish this, you must utilize a couple of wild features and a free spins bonus round in which wild symbols are guaranteed to appear.

Wild Feature

A wild substitutes for all paying symbols, and when used in a winning combination, it triggers a feature. It is possible to land up to two wilds per spin. As soon as wilds link low pay symbols to form a win, the winning low pay symbol type is removed from the reels. Symbols fall down to make way for new ones.

The winning high pay symbol types are upgraded when wilds form win lines with high pay symbols. After the upgrade, the win line is paid. Wild symbols that create wins with both low and high pay symbols are upgraded first; then, the low pay symbols are removed.

Free Spins

Free spins are awarded when three free spins symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Should three free spins symbols land in view, the feature can be extended by +5 additional free spins. During free spins, wild features remain active throughout the round.

1942 Sky Warrior: Slot Verdict

Don't expect much glory if you bring your best game. By wearing virtual flying gloves and goggles, a game like 1942 Sky Warrior focuses on the cinematic side. A handsome game where audio-visual effects take precedence over big wins and major thrills allows players to recreate some flying ace fantasies.

Those seeking big wins will likely feel short changed, but armchair generals who are cool with that situation will likely have a blast.

Our last war game review was Das xBoot, an atmospheric underwater slot. In terms of math model and rewards, these two slots are completely different. Sky Warrior 1942 is like a well-groomed air commander with a big moustache and chiseled looks, while Das xBoot is like a grizzled engineer who just returned from the sea.

In 1942 Sky Warrior, players can control flash and dash, while in Das xBoot, they can submerge themselves in challenging gameplay. Both games have their place and complement one another rather than compete.

There is no competition in 1942 Sky Warrior's winning capabilities, which is disappointing. The most you can win from 1942 Sky Warrior is a sad 999x the bet despite the wild modifiers, symbol upgrades, and removals. Red Tiger's Hammer Gods immediately came to mind, another great-looking slot with underwhelming win statistics.

Even so, Hammer Gods and 1942 Sky Warrior are fun enough to play, so players not looking for massive wins while dodging a Stuka Dive Bomber of a math model may well find them enjoyable. As 1942 Sky Warrior successfully fulfills the lower potential option in this category, there is room for a studio to swoop in with a higher-powered version in the future.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time