Beez Kneez Jackpot

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Beez Kneez Jackpot Slot Game

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Slots by Beez Kneez
These fuzzy little creatures aren't normally found in casinos, but don't let that stop you from spinning the reels in this popular online slots game!
A bright and picturesque backdrop is created by blue skies and cute bees buzzing around, creating a sunny and cheerful screen for each player.
Is Beez Kneez as sweet as honey or does this casino game have a sting in its tail? Let's take a closer look at what you can expect...
Bees will spin if you send them
Instead of a row of fruits, you'll see a variety of bees and related symbols spinning around in this classic slots game. Throughout the 5 reels, there are a whole host of characters flying around, all of which are easy to recognize.
The exhibit also includes butterflies, beehives, dragonflies, caterpillars, mushrooms, flowers, and apples, along with friendly-looking honey-makers. In addition, the game's setting in a giant beehive, against the backdrop of a lovely summer day, lends it a feel-good vibe.
When you line up five dancing bees, you could win 5,000 credits if you're lucky enough to line them up. You could double your money if you add the purple cocoon wild card!
As far as the eye can see, there are bees everywhere!
With a modern slots game, there are a ton of extra features to make the game even more enjoyable.
The Worker Bee Prize Pick can be won by spinning three diligent little worker bees anywhere on the screen. A sidescreen filled with beautiful pink flowers will appear, each worth up to x100 of your stake. Depending on how many symbols you spun, you'll have the chance to collect the same number.
If you spin and at least three cocoons appear, you'll get some free spins. A player who collects three cocoons wins 15 free spins, a player who collects four cocoons wins 20 free spins, and a player who collects five cocoons wins 25 free spins! You should be buzzing with delight after reading that!
When you win, you have the chance to win even more with the Gamble feature. Up to 3,200,000 coins can be won with a maximum of five spins at double or nothing. But beware, you could lose everything as well! Only those who like to take risks should choose this option.
If you want to play but take it easy, you can select the automatic play option for anything from 10 to 100 games. You don't have to click every single time, so you can sit back and wait for your winnings to come in...hopefully!
Put your money on the line or max it out
You can play on a total of 25 paylines at once in Beez Knees, with a maximum of 30 credits per payline.
You can choose the number of paylines in play as well as reduce the number of credits per line, but the gameplay is flexible.
Experts in the industry
As one of the longest established players in the industry, Eyecon is behind Beez Kneez.
In addition to being based in Australia, Eyecon has been granted approval in five different operating jurisdictions around the world since 1997.
The fact that all of their games, including Beez Kneez, are designed to mimic the real-life casino experience with rich graphics and smooth play is one of their selling points.
Fun and cute
With beaming bees and cute caterpillars as far as the eye can see, Beez Kneez has a distinctly kitsch vibe. Despite this, because the game is backed by Eyecon's experience, you won't be able to resist its vibrant colours and rich detail.
The symbols are big and bold so you won't be confused by what you've just spun, and the information and layout are simple and clear. There are lots of chances to win, and you could also multiply your winnings! It isn't the most complicated game you'll ever play, but there are lots of chances to win!
Play Bees Kneez and enjoy a smooth gameplay experience. There are lots of opportunities to score a sweet win in this online slots game, whether you're a beginner or a high roller.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time