Break the Ice Scratch

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Break the Ice Scratch Slot Game

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Scratchcard for Breaking The Ice

Among the classic scratchcards that you can play today, Break the Ice Scratch is one of the best. This game was developed by Hacksaw Gaming, one of the most well-known gaming companies that provide high-end gaming software with the most up-to-date random number generators on the market. A new scratch card game called Break the Ice Scratch has made scratch card games more popular than ever before! Featuring eye-catching graphics, vibrant icons, and an engaging gameplay, Break the Ice Scratch provides players with an engaging and exciting gaming experience. There are numerous casino games available on the internet, and one of them is Break the Ice Scratch, which was developed by Hacksaw Gaming. All you have to do now is make a wager and press the start button in order to begin the game. Become a member today and give it a try for yourself! With this freezing game, there is no escaping the heat.


Scratch Card That Is Easy To Play

It is a frozen card, and all the numbers must be scraped open in order to read them. If you use a scraper to scrape the ice off, it will be easier for you to do it - even though it is cold outside. Using the scraper, move it from one end of the frozen ticket to the other to discover your numbers. As you scrape the windows, the winners are melting automatically, and you do not have to do anything about it. In case the freezing weather is too much for you, you can also reveal all the numbers at once if the freezing weather is too much for you. In this game, your numbers are compared with the ones of the winners, and if there is a match, you will receive a reward. The game is very easy to play, as you can see from the screenshot below.


What are the benefits of playing scratch cards?

There is no doubt that scratch card games are among the easiest casino games out there. There is only one button you need to click in order to play the game. There is an instant result, and the winning amount will be added to your account (except in the case of jackpots). As you can see, scratch cards usually offer a high return on investment, here we have an RTP of 84.97%. As a result of this game, you have a 32.30% chance of winning for each ticket you purchase. In addition, this game has a quicker pace when compared to the others, which is a welcome feature.


Winnings that may be possible

The number of winning scratch cards in this game is 2,403,520. As a matter of fact, the higher the win, the more frequently the winning numbers come up. Taking the example of the 50p card, for example, there are 1,250,000 cards that have a winner for 50p. However, in contrast to the Break the Ice scratch game, the Break the Ice scratch game only consists of one ticket with a maximum win of £75,000.


Design and theme of the website

The player will certainly be reminded of the last ice age as they play these scratch cards. One has to scratch the icy layer of the cards in order to see the numbers on the cards; otherwise, one cannot see the numbers. There are round markings on the scratch cards that indicate where the coin should be moved in order to reveal the number. An icebreaker ship is trying to make its way through an ice sheet in an arctic world, where the scene was set on an ice sheet on an arctic world. Compared with other scratch cards, this one uses an imaginary theme that is more interesting from a visual point of view when compared to other scratch cards.


Review of a game

With over 2,4 million winning numbers in this scratch card game, there are lots of chances for you to have a successful scratch. I would like to take a closer look at the details once again. This game is obviously driven by the 75k jackpot, which is what's really driving the interest in it. In addition, the fact that there are eight numbers and chances also helps in making this a successful game. There is a limit of 1 pound per scratch card, which allows for a maximum winning of 1 pound. Compared to other scratch cards, this is still an exciting scratch card to play. This scratch card game can be played on our website, where you can find instructions on how to play. Register today, make your first deposit, and get started. 


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time