Triple Double Bonus Poker

Fortune Games® Slots Review of Triple Double Bonus Poker Slot Game 

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The following four of a kind hands are rewarded with large payouts in Triple Double Bonus Poker:

An ace, two, three, or four kickersFour 2s, 3s, or 4s with an ace, two, three, or four kickers

You're used to getting large payouts for 4 of a kind if you play Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus Poker.

With Triple Double Bonus, you can win up to 4,000 coins if you have four aces plus two fours, and 2,000 coins if you have four twos plus fours.

A maximum bet royal flush pays 4,000 coins, so Double Double Bonus has more big payouts than the average game. Before playing this machine, you should also consider the downside.

Triple Double Bonus Poker Betting

You can bet between one and five coins per hand in Triple Double Bonus Poker.

You must bet all 5 coins to qualify for the highest royal flush payout and top payback. Especially with Triple Double Bonus, max bets can win you larger payouts if you get 4 of a kind.

The exact discrepancies will be discussed in the pay table section, but just know that the proper strategy is to bet all five coins.

You'll find Triple Double Bonus to be an easy game to learn if you've played any standard video poker variant.

After selecting your bet, click Deal to receive your hand.

You then decide what cards to keep and hold, then push Draw to make discards and receive your replacement cards.

With your hand now finalized, the software will determine any potential payouts based on the Triple Double Bonus pay table.

Here’s a look at different Triple Double Bonus Poker variations, along with how this game compares to the Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus video poker games that it’s based on:

  • 3 Play Triple Double Bonus Poker: Commonly called Triple Play, this game sees you play up to three hands per turn. Only cards in the bottom hand are face up, and any cards that you hold are mirrored in the other hands. For example, if you hold two aces in the bottom hand, two aces appear in the other hand(s)./li>
  • 5 Play Triple Double Bonus Poker: 5 Play video poker is just like Triple Play, except that you can play up to 5 hands.
  • 10 Play Triple Double Bonus Poker: 10 Play lets you play up to 10 hands.
  • Double Bonus: Only delivers bonus payouts for three 4 of a kind hands, rather than the five bonus payouts offered in Triple Double Bonus.
  • Double Double Bonus: Pays bonuses on the same five 4 of a kind hands that Triple Double Bonus does. But the payouts for four 2s 4s + A 4, and four aces + 2 4 are smaller.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time