100 to 1 Roulette

Fortune Games® Review of 100 to 1 Roulette Casino 


Bringing the roulette table to you, this turbo-charged version of the casino classic gives you the opportunity to take home 100x your bet. The slick graphics and straightforward design make the instant results a small screen thrill. Just like standard roulette, the game begins with the player making bets on the tiles with colour, numbers and sections they think the ball may land on when thrown by the dealer. With 100 numbers to choose from and the potential of winning big, 100/1 roulette is a unique experience that’s too good to miss. 


Make your bets on the tiles with colour, numbers and sections you think the ball may land on when the dealer throws. Should your prediction be correct, you’ll be rewarded. The big difference between this slot and standard roulette is the bets and the payouts, which is down to the increased number of pockets. The potential is to win up to 100x your bet if the ball lands on your predicted choice, which makes this game’s simplicity actually very exciting.


Turbo Spin - Hit Turbo Mode to make the wheel spin faster once it’s started spinning

Repeat Bet - You can click this to simply place the same bet as your previous game

Game Information  

Slot Name: 100/1 Roulette

Software: NYX

Min stake: 10p

Max stake: £100.00

Max payout: £100,000.00

RTP: 96.19%