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This five-century-old game is known as 90-ball bingo in Britain. Originally introduced in the 1960s, it is now known as the original or classic version. Bingo has become the most popular game in the UK since then.

Despite its American counterpart, 75-ball bingo, and newer versions like 80-ball and 40-ball bingo, British bingo remains a popular game throughout the UK and former colonies.

Learn how to play 90 ball bingo, the best bingo sites with the 90-ball variant, and some top tips!


While bingo is largely a game of chance, you may want to understand the probabilities involved. To make the most of the experience and potentially win, you should understand all the game's elements and rules. You will learn how 90-ball bingo works in this section.


An announcer announces each number that comes out of a machine. Using a dauber, players will mark every number on their cards. Any winning pattern, including four corners, a line, two lines, or a full house, can be covered by the first player to shout bingo.

One of the reasons 90-ball bingo is so popular is its ease. The game follows bingo's general mechanics.

Number of Balls

British bingo utilizes 90 balls, hence the name 90-ball bingo. Each ball has a corresponding number from 1 to 90.

In some bingo halls in the UK, traditional machines with blowers and spinners are still used, which help randomize the balls. However, electronic number generators now make the process faster and more automated with the development of high technology.

A 90-ball bingo ticket or card has a 9x3 grid. There are four blank spots and five digits in each row, giving each card a total of 12 blank spaces and 15 digits. Additionally, each column has a set of numbers:


The first column has 1 to 10

The second column has 11 to 20

The third column has 21 to 30

The fourth column has 31 to 40

The fifth column has 41 to 50

The sixth column has 51 to 60

The seventh column has 61 to 70

The eigth column has 71 to 80

The ninth column has 81 to 90

Ninety-ball bingo tickets are often sold in strips of six cards, each with six 9x3 grids. Players have a better chance of winning when the cards contain all 90 numbers scattered throughout them.


There are three winning patterns in 90-ball bingo. Although some games also accept the four-corner pattern, here are the three main ones:

One Line Pattern

One line pattern, more commonly known as "line," covers all five digits in one row. It can be on any row and any ticket. It is common for winners to shout "line!" instead of "bingo!" in the UK.

Two Lines Pattern

On the other hand, a two-line pattern requires marking off any two rows in a single ticket.

Once the one-line winner is declared, the game continues, and the players proceed to daub the same tickets until one of them gets a two-line win.

Full House Pattern

90-ball bingo's last winning pattern is the full house or coverall. One ticket must be marked off for all 15 numbers. Bigger prizes and jackpots are often given to full-house winners.


There are three types of jackpots in 90-ball bingo:


The organizers of a fixed jackpot have already determined its amount. No matter how many players or how much the tickets cost, it remains the same. The jackpots of other types can fluctuate based on those factors. A fixed jackpot is at stake for every full-house win in 90-ball bingo. However, if multiple players win the game, they must split the money equally if they win.


Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, increase the pot money over time, making them a more appealing type of prize money. Progressive jackpots can result in large payouts. A seed amount or starting value is determined by the number of players and ticket prices. Every day, new players will sign up and buy tickets until someone wins.


To win escalator jackpots, players must cover the given pattern less than the set ball limit. Fortunately, this ball limit can increase every day if no one claims a win. In other words, the longer it remains unclaimed, the easier it is for players to win. Games with escalator jackpots are more exciting and entice players to play regularly. This type of jackpot does not occur very often, however.

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